Turn Your Customer Data Into Sales

The Portland Timbers generated $250K from just one email campaign and increased ticket sales by 20% using customer 360 and audience segmentation.

Leverage Customer Data
with Integrity

Data is your organization’s most important asset, but it will quickly become a liability if you fall behind with the latest data privacy legislation changes.

SkyPoint offers a privacy-first, customer-centric approach to data that empowers organizations to build personalized experiences while upholding consumer trust. We help your team squeeze every drop of value from your data through connected leading-edge solutions that enable data activation and increase customer loyalty.

Connect the Power of Customer Data at Scale

Business and technology leaders use SkyPoint to achieve personalization and compliance.

Customer Data

Collect and standardize data, then leverage a high-quality 360 customer view to build tailored programs and experiences.

Healthcare Data

Use AI-powered patient matching to turn siloed data into a unified record and deliver cost-efficient, high-quality outcomes.

Data Privacy

Protect and leverage sensitive data in a zero-trust data vault that delivers automated security and compliance through a simple API.

The Only Modern Data Stack Platform for B2C, B2B, and Healthcare

Today’s most customer-centric B2C, B2B, and healthcare brands use SkyPoint Modern Data Stack Platform to unify disparate data and tap into actionable insights that drive more sales and loyalty.

Ecommerce and Retail

SkyPoint’s customer data platform helps you connect and clean data, predict customer needs, increase repeat purchases and basket sizes, and maintain consumer trust. Start increasing customer loyalty by providing seamless shopping experiences across the customer lifecycle.

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Keep the Tech Stack You Want, Without Sacrificing Insights

Built on Microsoft Azure and Common Data Model—and integrated with 200+ pre-built connectors—all data is stored in one secure location and accessible for activation across your entire ecosystem.

Over 200 native data integrations ingest data into SkyPoint’s CDP. Once data is ingested and cleansed for data quality, AI-powered identity resolution stitches data together to create a single customer profile.

With accurate insights, up-to-date privacy preferences, and consent management, your teams leverage this 360 view to deliver protected and personalized experiences.

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Personalized and Protected Customer Experiences, Made Easy

Everything you do revolves around data and people. SkyPoint helps you effectively and securely leverage the data you already have to connect with customers in more meaningful ways.