Bring People and Data Together

SkyPoint Cloud is a customer data platform that champions privacy and compliance through connected privacy-first customer experiences.

Skypoint Privacy Solutions Software Platform
The leading Customer Data Platform

AI Powered Data Privacy & Customer 360

You’re all about facilitating technology that solves privacy concerns. SkyPoint’s customer data platform (CDP) helps you manage and automate large volumes of data by drawing all systems and reports together so you have a compliant customer 360 view.

SkyPoint cultivates the ownership of data between the teams you work with and the customers you serve. Built on Microsoft Azure and Common Data Model integrated with 200+ pre-built connectors, all customer data is stored in one secure location.

Whether you’re automating DSRs or dealing with unexpected pivots, you’ll be ready with reliable and actionable data.

Win at Privacy Compliance By Building Trust and Confidence

SkyPoint’s privacy software automates compliance at scale with hundreds of global privacy laws including GDPR and CCPA or CPRA.

Identify any sensitive data across your organization in structured and unstructured systems. Your customers gain control over their personal data and your teams continually build brand trust and confidence.

Trusted By Over a Million End Users

Industry leaders and over a million end users choose SkyPoint as their comprehensive and compliant customer data platform. A Gold Certified Microsoft Partner, SkyPoint Cloud turns siloed customer data into connected customer experiences.

SkyPoint Privacy Center Portal

Protect and Respect PII From My Privacy Center

My Privacy Center by SkyPoint is a consent management platform that makes it easier to manage and prioritize the fulfillment of privacy-related requests and consent preferences.

Customers make selections inside their integrated self-service privacy portal, then SkyPoint updates and communicates these preferences across your organization. With My Privacy Center, teams skillfully navigate high-risk areas of the business to stay focused on building privacy-first customer engagement strategies and experiences.

Be More Than a Business...Be a Trusted Brand

Always do the right thing with customer data. SkyPoint keeps you in compliance by handling PII in an integrated CDP that scales with data growth, emerging policies, and customer needs.