Bring People and Data Together

SkyPoint Cloud’s Modern Data Stack Platform makes information more accessible, reliable, valuable, and tangible.

SkyPoint Cloud Moder Data Stack

Where Data Teams Achieve
Their Full Potential

A strong data culture is only possible when people have quick access to high-quality data so they can make a lasting organizational impact.

Our Modern Data Stack Platform closes the gap between individuals and information by delivering a scalable, intelligent, and extensible data infrastructure. Working alongside SkyPoint CSG (Cloud Solutions Group), you gain a data solutions partner that helps you uncover data opportunities, accelerate time to value, and achieve your highest potential.

The Modern Data Stack Platform™ for Modern Data Teams

Today’s most data-driven B2C, B2B, and healthcare brands use SkyPoint Cloud to unify disparate data, automate privacy and compliance, and tap into powerful insights.

Senior Living

SkyPoint Cloud helps senior living operators better serve residents while improving their bottom line by ingesting and connecting financial, clinical, engagement, and operational data.

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200+ Integrations Allow Quick Access to Quality Data

Simplify your data workflows with all the tools you need in one platform with 200+ pre-built connectors and support for other 3rd party integration tools.

Native integrations ingest data into SkyPoint Cloud’s Modern Data Stack Platform. Once data is ingested and cleansed for data quality with AI-powered identity or record resolution, you have open access to data from any data engineering or BI tool so you can drive value.

Now your entire organization has accurate insights and up-to-date data privacy preferences within reach. Instead of relying on IT to serve up data, everyone can access and leverage data efficiently and independently.

SkyPoint Cloud Modern Data Stack Integrations - 200+ connectors

Turn Your Customer Data Into Sales

The Portland Timbers generated $250K from just one email campaign and increased ticket sales by 20% using customer 360 and audience segmentation.

Reach the Highest Level of Data Maturity and Connectivity

Everything you do revolves around data and people. SkyPoint Cloud allows your team to securely leverage the data you already have to drive your business in more meaningful ways.