Bring People and Data Together

SkyPoint is an industry leading customer data platform, zero trust data vault, data privacy and insights solution for consumer and healthcare brands.

Trusted By Over 6 Million Consumers

Industry leading consumer businesses and over 6 million consumers choose SkyPoint as their privacy compliant CDP.

Collect customer data all sources, standardize it and create persistent AI-powered customer 360 profiles that continually stitch data together, and resolve identities at scale to turn unified  customer data into business outcomes.

Move beyond data silos to a data activation platform that unifies patient information into a single, longitudinal patient 360 record with AI-powered patient matching technology.

Innovate easily and securely with zero trust Data Vault and automate privacy compliance (CCPA, GDPR etc.). Our data privacy vaults deliver security and compliance via a simple API. 

Unlock the power of your customer data at scale

Simplify and solve unique data management challenges with any of SkyPoint Cloud’s connected solutions. We offer a range of pricing packages and a wealth of features so you quickly find the best fit and start improvements.

The leading Customer Data Platform

Understand and Engage Your Customers in Real-Time

SkyPoint’s analytics platform helps you manage and automate large volumes of data to better understand customers or patients through a single source of truth. Using identity resolution, SkyPoint unifies all systems and data together so you have a singular real-time complete 360 view.

SkyPoint cultivates the ownership of data between the teams you work with and the people you serve. Whether you’re automating DSRs, dealing with unexpected pivots, or responding to legislative mandates, you’ll be ready with reliable and actionable data.

Keep the Technology Stack You Want Without Sacrificing Insights

Built on Microsoft Azure and Common Data Model—and integrated with 200+ pre-built connectors—all data is stored in one secure location.

Over 200 native data integrations ingest data into the SkyPoint customer data platform. Once data is ingested and cleansed for data quality, our AI-powered identity resolution process stitches data together to create a single customer profile. With accurate insights, up-to-date privacy preferences, and consent management, your teams leverage this 360 view to deliver protected and personalized experiences.

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Be More Than a Business...Be a Trusted Brand

Always do the right thing with personal data. SkyPoint keeps you in compliance by handling PII in an integrated CDP that scales with data growth, emerging policies, and customer needs.