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  • machine-learning

    Machine Learning

    Our seasoned data scientists are driven to understand your business and data. Leverage data mining, statistical modeling and machine learning to provide unparalleled insights, predict risks and successes, and prescribe best actions.
  • deep-learning

    Deep Learning

    Unlike traditional machine learning, deep learning attempts to simulate the way our brains learn and process information by creating artificial "neural networks" that can extract complicated concepts and relationships from data. Deep learning models improve through complex pattern recognition in pictures, text, sounds, and other data to produce more accurate insights and predictions.

  • ai-based

    Computer Vision and Video Intelligence

    We use deep learning and other state-of-the-art techniques to gain valuable insights from images and videos such as object detection and tracking, search of visually similar images and person pose and gaze estimation.

  • natural-language-processing

    Natural Language Processing

    Based on text inputs we use machine learning models to understand content and unstructured information for sentiment analysis, entity recognition and chatbots / conversational AI. 

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    Agile Development

    Define an agile work-plan, together with your team. Build iterative deliverables until the desired results are achieved. Integrate innovative solutions into your infrastructure and scale it.


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Interactive Chatbots

Get your AI-enabled specialized text or voice-driven conversational bots built and integrated into your digital entities. Interactive chatbots can handle tasks like customer support, human resource and more. Wherever you want human-like engaging conversational to happen, deploy such chatbots. They reduce the operation cost without affecting the quality of that particular operation.

Recommendation Engine

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are nowadays heavily being used in e-commerce sector. With the help of these technologies, it becomes easy to build Recommendation Engines, which gives personalized suggestions to customers, increases sales and improves User Experience. These engines render purchase suggestions or advise for the next step as per the previous actions of a buyer.

Process Automation

To automate repetitive and tedious tasks perfectly, Process Automation is utilized. It involves automation of repetitive and trivial tasks. The purpose is to optimize resources, cost and time which are dedicated to performing a certain operation. Process Automation solutions and services help you better streamline the workflow of your business processes. It significantly increases the execution speed of operation.

Voice-based AI

Voice-based Personal Artificially Intelligent Assistants, like Siri, Cortana, Alexa, Google Assistant, etc. are famous for their interactive communications. Seeing their success, businesses have started deploying their own personalized voice-based assistants to help their customers and keep them engaged. From booking tickets to giving traffic details, it can be made specialized at anything you want.

Inventory Optimization

Powerful Data-driven Forecasting systems are an efficient means of streamlining production and optimizing inventories. AI & ML helps businesses figure out sales and probable consumption of products so that inventory management, demand forecasting and supply chains can be handled better. It improves businesses’ performance by letting them prepare better a business strategy and act accordingly.

Image Processing

Artificial Intelligence is heavily used in processing visual data in bulk. Tasks, such as measuring images’ size, recognizing a particular object in a set of images, scaling images, identifying a pattern in an image, diagnosis of a medical X-ray, image enhancement, adding annotation, filtering or more, can be done speedily using AI. These tasks would have consumed a lot of human hours otherwise.

Text Analytics

Detect sentiment, key phrases, named entities and language from your text. Detect all named entities in the text, such as organizations, people, and locations, and more. Entity Linking disambiguates distinct entities by associating text to additional information on the web.

Object Recognition

Object recognition is used to recognize particular objects from images and extract useful information for further use. It requires extensive use of AI, ML and Neural networks. Object recognition has found its applications in many critical areas, such as, smart search engines, identification of text in images, detecting of medical anomalies, recognizing humans, recognizing particular things, and more.

Clinical AI

AI has proved itself an important aid for the medical sector. With it, some areas of patient diagnosis can be automated to a great extent. From figuring out the nature of patient’s complaint to extracting helpful medical data using medical history & available documents, Clinical AI can do a lot in this field. It speeds up the treatment process and improves the quality of medical services.

AI-based Web Scrapping

Web scraping is the process of extracting bulk information from unstructured data, available on the web, and classifying it to do something productive. Using Artificial Intelligence, this process can be automated and performed very swiftly. Not only will it save your time and effort, but AI-based web scrapping will also prove a very cost-effective idea for the businesses which need to scrap web data frequently.

We Build Data-Driven, Customer-Centric Companies

We work closely with you to help you in all stages of the digital transformation journey for every functional area of your organization.

  • analytics-ic


    Analyze business data to make data-driven decisions & organize information efficiently.

  • support


    Satisfy your customers or potent clients with instant, precise, satisfying & engaging replies.

  • marketing


    Run marketing campaigns smartly - To acquire customers, increase sales and achieve goals.

  • sales


    Optimize sales processes, forecast sales, automate sales activities and increase revenue.

  • oprations


    Streamline processes & supply chains, manage inventories and speed up operations.

  • finance


    Detect and prevent frauds, make better financial decisions about business and investment.

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