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Privacy is the right of an individual to be free from uninvited surveillance, it is critical to living in a democratic society.

Data is one of the most important assets an organization has. With the rise of the data economy, organizations find enormous value in collecting, sharing and using data. Transparency in how organizations request consent, abide by their privacy policies, and manage the data that they’ve collected is vital to building trust and accountability. 

Many organizations have learned the importance of privacy the hard way. 

SkyPoint Cloud is the first completely self-service privacy solution and Customer Data Platform (CDP) in one, automating Data Mapping, Data Subject Request (DSR) management and Consent for CCPA in California, GDPR in Europe, and future regulations in many US states. SkyPoint integrates seamlessly with all your data sources to perform all key privacy compliance tasks without any manual effort needed. 

You can start using SkyPoint Cloud completely free. 


  • CCPA
  • Compliance
  • Customer Data Platform
  • Data Privacy
  • GDPR
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