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Data privacy is a big concern for customers, regulators, and an increasing priority for any business. SkyPoint has the best CDP software that complies with CCPA Regulations 2020.

The SkyPoint Customer Data Platform (CDP) – a CCPA Software Solution that drives personalized marketing with built-in capability to protect consumer’s privacy and help you comply with privacy laws.

CCPA Software - CCPA Compliance Software Solution from SkyPoint
CCPA – California Consumer Protection Act

What is the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)?

The CCPA is a data privacy law that went into effect from January 2020, it’s similar in nature to General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Europe. There’s a similar bill in progress in New York, many states are considering privacy laws similar to CCPA. Federal law makers are looking into privacy laws at the national level, there’s bipartisan support for data privacy and protection. Businesses are required to implement and maintain procedures and practices to protect consumer data.

What is CCPA regulation?

CCPA allows a California resident doing business with your company irrespective of your business is in California or not, have the right the following:
1. To know what data is collected about them (yes, that includes clicks on your website).
2. To know if you sell or disclose data in any form to a 3rd party.
3. To say No to the sale of data.
4. To access consolidated record of their personal data (2 requests per year allowed).
5. To ask you to delete all their personal data.
6. Not to be discriminated for exercising data privacy rights.

Does CCPA apply to my business?

The CCPA applies to your business if you do business with a California consumer (irrespective of where you are headquartered), meets at least one of the following criteria:
1. Over $25 million annual revenues.
2. Buys or sells the personal data of 50,000 or more consumers.
3. Earns more that 50% of its annual revenue from selling consumers data.

What are CCPA fines and payments?

If you are thinking if you can get by just paying fines, think again and it’s not worth it. Here’s the reason why:
1. Pay up to $750 per consumer per incident regardless of the damage in case of a breach.
2. Pay up to $7500 per CCPA violation event (it can be per consumer or per type of personal information).
3. Direct lawsuits by consumers
It costs way less to implement a Customer Data Platform (CDP) that supports CCPA natively like SkyPoint because it drives growth and value for your business and provides CCPA compliance.

How can SkyPoint help as a CCPA compliance software solution provider?

SkyPoint Customer Data Platform (CDP) is built for the data privacy age. In our CCPA Solution, we have builtin support for privacy compliance using the following features:

1. Disclosure and consent management: Disclose and obtain consent from each consumer and manage opt outs in a central location.
2. Single point of control for data collection: SkyPoint ingests data from all your systems and provides a single customer view to manage
3. Single point of control for all data access and deletion requests: SkyPoint Customer Data Platform (CDP) can provide the consolidated consumer record export in a single click and orchestrate automated action to delete records from any application based on consumer request.
4. Unified profiles and identity resolution: SkyPoint stitch identities together and manages preferences & consent at each consumer level.
5. SkyPoint Privacy Widgets and Dialogs: You can easily communicate and manage your data privacy policy across your business including your websites, mobile app and other channels.

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