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With General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) going to effect 1/1/2020, companies are faced with a monumental set of tasks to ensure compliance. Customer Data Platforms such a SkyPoint offers privacy protection features include identity resolution, enforcing cross channel preferences and timely discovery for audit requests and full suppression for “right to be forgotten” requests. By consolidating customer data into single data platform, it is much easier for companies to manage compliance with privacy laws.

  • One Click Delete (Right to be Forgotten): A CDP provides this by simply making it easy for companies to hit the delete profile feature that could trigger and automate cascading delete to the CDP profile of the customer and the source systems .
  • Audit Disclosure Requests: Both GDPR and CCPA have provisions that grant consumers the right to ask for the information a company is storing about them. Without a CDP, the administrative time required to gather all the customer data stored across multiple systems is significant and the chance of missing something is high. A CDP simplifies this by providing a single source of truth for all customer data. This also helps compliance with “Right to be Forgotten” regulations, making it easier for companies to purge non-essential customer data.
  • Identity Resolution: We are living in an increasingly privacy-focused world, relying on the intermingling of first-party customer data with third-party sources is problematic, as it can potentially violate privacy laws. CDPs are able to perform identity resolution by using first-party data only, thereby side-stepping potentially thorny privacy issues of using a third-party.
  • Cross Channel Preferences: By consolidating customer records across data sources to create a unified profile including communication preferences, ensuring that customers who have opted-out for specific communications, never appear in lists that would have otherwise targeted them.

Credits: MarTech Advisor, CCPA website, GDPR reference guide


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