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Imagine you are a marketer at a shoe & apparel company. Your online catalogue regularly hosts 100K monthly visitors. You’d like to serve each visitor with personalized or relevant promotional content but you can’t identify each visitor individually or as audiences. With consent, you know their location based on their IP address and you know how they behave on your website but your company’s CRM database doesn’t really know how to deal with anonymous visitors. Therefore, you don’t really know how to differentiate between visitors and visits, so you “A/B test considering all anonymous visitors as one audience” hoping that some will be interested in a new promotion or discount.

This is where SkyPoint CDP can help.

SkyPoint CDP creates robust individual customer profiles by combining (stitching) information from each anonymous visitors with information you’ve collected about your visitors as they click around your site previously. By running advanced machine learning algorithms using this profile information, SkyPoint then helps you understand the “next best action” to take with each visitor (e.g. propensity to buy).

For instance, without SkyPoint CDP, it appears that Visitor X comes to your website about once every 3 months. Recently, they’ve been frequently visiting your site but haven’t bought anything. They are from San Francisco.

You know their location, but you don’t know their potential buying habits or interests.

With SkyPoint CDP, you’ll get a full picture of this visitor, Visitor X and “Visitors like Visitor X”, automated audience creation. With SkyPoint CDP, you can seamlessly engage “Visitor X” through the website and offer a discount close to the time Visitor X is most likely to make a purchase.

In fact, you can automate this personalized discount messaging process for every visitor based on whatever customer profile criteria, or “metrics”, you choose. Ultimately, having all your known and anonymous customer data in one place using SkyPoint CDP, which will increase conversions, build loyal customers and reduce cost.

Blog Credit: Gabriele Chodosh


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