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Marketers, Happy New Year 2020!!!

Amazon.com can predict what products we will purchase next, Netflix recommends shows we like, Zillow recommends houses we want to stay in, with relatively high levels of accuracy, and Postmates let’s you customize the type of restaurants you want to order from and find lookalike restaurants automatically.

But your customers expect personalized experiences and they want you to respect their privacy (New privacy laws in effect – CCPA, GDPR etc.) and want you to stop annoying them with the stuff they don’t want to see or use.

Your customers expect deep understanding of their preferences and needs, want personalized experiences, quality product/service and demand fast delivery – that results in Amazon.com flywheel effect. It’s no longer a nice to have…

How does a CDP help with suppression or stop targeting customer who should not be targeted?

In this case, best use of data in marketing isn’t used to better target your customers but to not target them at all. Remember your own experience of being targeted online by ads for things you have already bought. Classic waste of marketing $! The main reason companies have a hard time stopping ads for stuff customers already purchased is disconnected data.

Now, a solution: A unified customer profile using SkyPoint Customer Data Platform (CDP) that connects marketing campaigns and order data enables marketers to optimize their marketing budget by suppressing customers that have already made a purchase or want to be left alone and redirecting that budget towards net-new customers, or recommending other products that they care about.


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