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SkyPoint CDP collects, analyzes, and activates customer data in real‑time from all your data sources. It enables Shopify e‑commerce businesses to understand customer behavior and immediately launch personalized campaigns and increase sales.

Shopify Customer Data Platform (CDP)

Understand your Shopify data

Connect all your Shopify data with other data sources like eMail service providers, Ad networks and build a 360 degree view of each customer. Once integrated, SkyPoint tracks every customer interaction in real‑time and constantly updates the single customer view with everything your customers do.

Increase conversion rates

Getting potential customers to your Shopify website is just step one of customer acquisition. SkyPoint can convert those onlookers into paying customers by navigating them along a journey that’s optimized to convert.

Increase website traffic

Access the data you need to create your own segments so you can target and convert more new customers that look and act like your best existing customers.

Smart Google and Facebook advertising

Make your budget go further. Optimize bid strategies by segment and serve personalized ads to improve overall campaign efficiency with smarter targeting.

Customer Churn Prediction

Utilize SkyPoint machine learning algorithms to identify and retain at-risk customers before you lose them.

Content Personalization

Personalize every visitor interaction, let lookalike targeting data inform what messages, creatives, and offers to deliver.

Product Recommendations

Unlock the power of unified data and AI for personalized product recommendations. Up-sell and cross-sell to retain based on each customer’s unique journey.


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  • Shopify
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