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SkyPoint data privacy platform makes it simple to give your users control over their personal data. We make privacy compliance to GDPR, CCPA and hundreds of other regulations simple, scalable and complete.

CCPA Compliance & Readiness - SkyPoint CCPA Compliance
CCPA Compliance & Readiness – SkyPoint CCPA Compliance

What is Data Subject Request (DSR) under CCPA compliance?

A Data Subject Request or a DSR under CCPA is a request such as Download, Erase, Do Not Sell that a user (your customer, website visitor, lead in your CRM) can make in relation to the personal data which are being ‘processed’ about them by an organization. Failure to address data subject requests or DSRs can result in serious fines under privacy laws such as CCPA and damage your organization’s reputation.

How to you simplify and automate Data Subject Requests (DSRs) under CCPA?

When a user makes a Data Subject Requests (DSR), SkyPoint Data Privacy Platform processes it automatically and sends them a full report with no effort needed from your team. We provide one-click data subject access (e.g. download) and erasure (including de-identification/tokenization) request fulfillment across all your internal data stores and third-party applications. SkyPoint’s AI bot finds personal data and identify its owner works find and recommend systems and objects with subject’s PII information for automated DSR fulfillment.

How easy is to setup a DSR automation solution for CCPA?

SkyPoint is a SaaS product and it’s easy to setup in minutes and comply with CCPA and get started with our free version. We reduce the time, stress, and complexity associated with day-to-day privacy management. Only SkyPoint can deliver the depth of continuous privacy intelligence, coupled with a fully automated platform for end-to-end privacy management, that’s essential for navigating today’s ever-changing digital world.

What are the other features that a privacy automation platform should have to comply with CCPA?

Automated Real-Time Data Maps – Hook your data sources and applications into SkyPoint using our pre-built connectors to see an instant map of all your business’s data flows. SkyPoint monitors data flows and automatically generates a map of data processes across the entire organization. This data map allows you to create reports and actions that are vital for regulatory compliance at fixed, minimal cost. SkyPoint bot AI discovers personal data and identifies its owner.

Consent Management – SkyPoint lets your users manage all their consent preferences in a single panel in the privacy center. “Do Not Sell My Data” requests update instantly across the entire organization.

Privacy Center Portal (privacy.yourcompany.com) – A consolidated portal for your customers to manage their privacy choices.

Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs) – Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs) are a must-have but it’s a big challenge for developers, data teams and privacy specialists. Build DPIAs into the coding workflow by allowing them to be submitted via command line, to an API or even via Teams or Slack. Privacy teams configure a risk threshold which SkyPoint uses to review and assess escalated risks.

Privacy Templates – Inform and accelerate remediation activities with up-to-date regulatory details and legal templates.

Privacy Team Collaboration: Integration with Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Lists and Office 365 to create tasks and subtasks and invite stakeholders to collaboration to sensitive data instead of sending the data over insecure systems for review and approval. Reduce PII sprawl and promote security and compliance.

PrivacyOps – PrivacyOps helps to continue consumers entrust your company with their data. It is the intersection of philosophy, practice, and cross-functional collaboration, automation, and orchestration that increases an organization’s ability to comply with CCPA privacy regulations reliably and with greater trust and speed.

How to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) for CCPA compliance?

SkyPoint AI bot assists in completing tasks and subtasks, fast and reliable closure of tasks and subtasks and compilation of subject report with assistance from SkyPoint bot. Just talk to your business via Microsoft Teams and obtain all real-time information needed to streamline CCPA compliance.

Before considering how your organization can address Data Subject Requests under CCPA, you should make sure that you have a clear understanding of your organization’s existing data infrastructure.

Learn how to complete a data subject requests in minutes, not months. Book a demo now & see how to make CCPA compliance a breeze.


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