Customer Data Platform

SkyPoint Cloud is a single secure location for leveraging real-time, high-quality data to build effective programs and exceptional experiences.

Trust is at the Core of Exceptional Customer Experiences

The buyer’s journey has never been more digital. Your brand is managing heaps of sensitive customer data and is equally challenged by getting the most value from these insights. 

SkyPoint is a customer data platform (CDP) and data privacy platform combined into one comprehensive and robust solution. It’s easier to safeguard your customer data and respect their privacy while building more effective programs with in-depth actionable insights.

A Privacy-First Customer Data Platform

Make data more impactful, while keeping customer data safe.

Unified and Complete

Bridge data silos and eliminate inconsistencies using identity resolution that consolidates disparate data to create a complete picture.

Strategic and Efficient

Gain a customer 360 view by accessing real-time data collected and organized from multiple sources and touchpoints into one profile.

Respectful and Committed

Manage and leverage customer data securely, while synchronizing consumer preferences for compliant programs and campaigns.

Personalized and Engaging

Deliver the seamless experience your customer expects with holistic profiles that are primed for personalized brand interactions.

SkyPoint Customer Data Platform FAQs

Explore these FAQs for more details about how SkyPoint’s customer data platform helps your team prioritize consumer trust and drive business performance.

A customer data platform creates a unified customer profile with information gathered from multiple sources. CDPs collect data on anonymous visitors to your website and analyze lifetime customer behavior and customer journeys, tracking both online and offline customer data. They’re designed to handle multiple data points from a large number of sources.

SkyPoint’s CDP is built with integrated privacy compliance and sensitive data management. We use a proprietary identity resolution model to stitch your first-party customer data together to create a comprehensive customer profile and journey.

We allow customers to configure role-based access to PII and other data that is labeled sensitive by our customers to ensure usability while protecting consumer privacy

SkyPoint Cloud normalizes and standardizes customer data leveraging the Common Data Model (CDM). CDM is an open standard that creates an extensible collection of data schemas (entities, attributes, relationships) that translate into business concepts and activities.

The SkyPoint platform maps your customer data to CDM to power our proprietary identity resolution model which stitches data together to create a comprehensive profile of customer activities, interactions, transactions, and behaviors.

With over 200 native connectors, you can easily and quickly connect your data from existing systems directly into SkyPoint’s platform. Our integrations list is always expanding. If you don’t see your preferred software on the list, we’ll add it so you have a seamless connection.

A CRM (customer relationship management) is more transactional, while a CDP is an analytical system. A CRM reports on known or potential customers and primarily analyzes the sales pipeline and forecasting.

While CDPs track offline and online data, CRMs can’t pick up offline data unless someone manually enters information. CRMs are not designed to collect data from multiple sources and they are generally built for B2B organizations—not B2C. So, managing individual customer data to create a 360-degree view remains a challenge.

SkyPoint’s CDP empowers consumer brands with actionable insights. Advanced analytics are native and accessible, including data science models like customer lifetime value and recommended audiences.

SkyPoint Cloud uses a series of data quality checks to identify issues and ensure only the highest quality and most complete data is included in our identity resolution model—improving the overall accuracy of our matching model.

We leverage pattern-based validations and standard regular expressions for normalizing data. Our platform also provides insights to help you continuously improve data quality and know which actions to take. Together, we are always increasing the completeness and accuracy of your data source systems.

A customer 360 is a database that consolidates and organizes the information that a brand knows about its customers into comprehensive profiles. The information that these profiles contain varies from one business to another, but typically includes:

  • Customers’ contact information and preferences
  • Demographics shared by the customer (i.e. gender, age)
  • Digital and offline engagement history with the brand (i.e. email, customer care)
  • A customer’s transaction history—or treatment history in healthcare
  • Relevant healthcare data details on a patient’s medical care and status (i.e. prescriptions, allergies)


Many customer 360s include not just raw data but a view of each customer that is enriched with relevant attributes and predictions. For example, a customer 360 view for a consumer brand might include derived fields like “number of last transactions in the last 12 months” and “likelihood to purchase in the next 3 months.”

A customer 360 is a foundational tool for businesses that aims to personalize and improve the customer experience. Brands typically use their customer 360 to fuel use cases like:

  • Understanding of the overall customer base to design better products and experiences (What percentage of my customers have seen a primary care physician at least once over the past month?)
  • Measurement of customer health (Has my active customer base been trending up or down over time?)
  • Segmentation to identify the optimal channel, message, or promotion for groups of customers (Who are my customers who make frequent, low dollar-value purchases?)
  • Personalization of one-to-one customer interactions (What’s the clinical history of a particular patient engaging with a care rep on a digital health app?)


A CDP That Doesn’t Compromise Data Privacy

SkyPoint gives you real-time insights with a 360 customer view.

Create unified customer profiles in a secure location and automatically consolidate data silos.

Stitch disparate data together into a singular profile for a connected and protected experience.

Pinpoint unseen opportunities for engagement across increasingly complex purchasing paths.

Wrangle Your Data and Prioritize Consumer Trust

SkyPoint’s CDP is here to help you connect customer data from channels and systems so you create secure and personalized brand experiences.