Customer Data Platform

SkyPoint Cloud is a customer data platform (CDP) and data privacy platform all rolled into one comprehensive solution. A secure and singular way to store and leverage customer data, our CDP makes it easier for you to follow compliance best practices and build engagement programs that prioritize consumer trust to drive business performance.

Customer Data Platform for Spas and Salons

A CDP for Building Connected and Trusted Experiences

As the buyer’s journey has become increasingly digital, you’re dealing with heaps of PII (personally identifiable information). So, you need a privacy-focused CDP to help manage it.

Already integrated with your team’s preferred tools and applications, SkyPoint’s CDP uses identity resolution to connect and consolidate data from various systems and sources into a single customer profile. Having customer 360 views combined with a common data model means you’ll make data more consistent, accurate, and impactful—while keeping PII secure.

Customer 360 That Doesn’t Compromise Data Privacy

SkyPoint allows you to create unified customer profiles and remain fully committed to privacy compliance. No matter how much customer data you collect, no matter how many systems your teams use…SkyPoint gives you real-time insights with a 360 customer view.

Powered by flexible rules and machine learning, SkyPoint identity resolution automatically consolidates data silos then creates unified customer profiles so you gain a complete customer 360 view for all touchpoints and campaigns. With holistic customer profiles, your marketing and service teams can now deliver truly personalized and engaging customer experiences.

SkyPoint Customer Data Platform Features:

Customer 360
Create unified customer profiles in a secure location and automatically consolidate data silos.

Identity Resolution
Stitch disparate data together into a singular profile for a connected and protected experience.

Common Data Model
Make better business decisions by driving data consistency across your systems.

Predictive Analytics
Pinpoint previously unseen opportunities for engagement across increasingly complex purchasing paths.

Use SkyPoint to Wrangle Data and Prioritize Consumer Trust

It’s time to get more from your data. SkyPoint’s CDP is here to help you connect customer data from channels and systems so you create secure and exceptional brand experiences.