Customer Data Platform

SkyPoint Cloud is a single secure location for leveraging real-time, high-quality data to build effective programs and exceptional experiences.

Trust is at the Core of Exceptional Customer Experiences

The buyer’s journey has never been more digital. Your brand is managing heaps of sensitive customer data and is equally challenged by getting the most value from these insights. 

SkyPoint is a customer data platform (CDP) and data privacy platform combined into one comprehensive and robust solution. It’s easier to safeguard your customer data and respect their privacy while building more effective programs with in-depth actionable insights.

Wrangle Your Data and Prioritize Consumer Trust

SkyPoint’s CDP is here to help you connect customer data from channels and systems so you create secure and personalized brand experiences.

A CDP That Doesn’t Compromise Data Privacy

SkyPoint gives you real-time insights with a 360 customer view.

Create unified customer profiles in a secure location and automatically consolidate data silos.

Stitch disparate data together into a singular profile for a connected and protected experience.

Pinpoint unseen opportunities for engagement across increasingly complex purchasing paths.