Common Data Model

Understand your data and make better business decisions. Skypoint Cloud’s customer data platform has a common data model (CDM) that provides a shared language and foundation for all data systems to power your business and analytics applications.

Improve Data Consistency and Insights with a CDM

How do you keep up as data grows exponentially? Customizable and adaptable, SkyPoint’s CDM consolidates data from multiple sources and applications to help you standardize data definitions and insights. By drawing systems together, you’ll have a shared understanding of your data to make true data-driven decisions.

How a Common Data Model Works for Your Teams

Your teams need a single source of truth. Built on Microsoft Azure and Common Data Model, SkyPoint supports your business intelligence processes by tapping into an ecosystem of 200+ pre-built connectors for popular data sources and custom integrations for your mission-critical applications.

SkyPoint pulls in raw data from these connectors—like your CRM or marketing automation platform—and stores everything in the data lake. Source data is defined before the import or adjusted later. SkyPoint identifies relevant PII and other sensitive data then allows users to flag PII entities in the data map. Now data processes are easily customizable, based on privacy regulations or other important criteria.

Reliable and Trustworthy Data with SkyPoint’s CDM

Your teams are already managing a large volume of data. SkyPoint’s CDM delivers reliable and actionable data from a secure and accessible customer data platform.