Privacy-First Customer 360

SkyPoint Cloud’s customer 360 solution automates data discovery across silos to create unique customer profiles for memorable and trusted interactions.

Get Real-Time Insights from Unified Customer Data

Your customers are telling you what they want with every click, scroll, pageview, and transaction. If this data is siloed, your team is missing out on important insights.

Unified customer profiles are the foundation of SkyPoint. Every piece of data you collect is stored safely and accurately in a customer profile so teams work with the most comprehensive and secure customer data.

Power Campaigns with Customer 360

High-quality comprehensive data at a glance for each and every customer.

Resolve Data Unknowns

Unify customer data with identity resolution, which uses smart scanning to identify personal data across systems and resolve inconsistencies.

Actionable Customer Profiles

Take action with complete profiles that capture everything from communication preferences to behavioral and transactional patterns.

Personalized Experiences

Respond to customers with timely, relevant messages and deliver highly personalized experiences based on real-time data.

Build Brand Trust

Respect customer data by gaining a 360-degree view that includes consent and privacy preferences in at-a-glance profiles.

Create Memorable and Trusted Interactions

SkyPoint connects disparate data and provides customer 360 views so you engage with customers without compromising on compliance.

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