Privacy-First Customer 360

Deliver personalized experiences while fulfilling compliance needs. SkyPoint Cloud’s customer 360 solution automates data discovery across silos to create unique customer profiles for memorable and trusted interactions.

The leading Customer Data Platform

Get real-time insights from your unified customer data

Your customers are telling you what they want with every click, scroll, and page view on one of their devices. Is your customer data and PII updated and organized in one location? Or, is it all over the place?

Because your goal is to act on real-time data to create exceptional privacy-first customer experiences, SkyPoint uses identity resolution to connect your data so you always have a compliant 360 customer view. 

With SkyPoint, you can respond to customers in real-time, with timely, relevant messages and personalized digital experiences that deliver results.

Power Campaigns with Audiences and Insights

Unified customer profiles are the foundation of SkyPoint. Every piece of data you collect is stored safely and accurately in a customer profile so teams work with the most comprehensive and secure customer data.

Using flexible rules and machine learning, SkyPoint identity resolution unifies PII records from every system. Now you’re ready to make compliant, data-driven decisions that matter to your customers and build trust for your brand.

Use SkyPoint to Scale Confidently with Big Data​

Big data continues to grow alongside privacy concerns. SkyPoint’s customer data platform connects your data sources and provides customer 360 views so you can scale with confidence and compliance.