SkyPoint Resolve

SkyPoint Resolve provides a quick and easy way to deduplicate, manage, and improve identity data for connected customer journeys.

Resolve Identity Data Challenges with Machine Learning

Your team is dealing with a lot of fragmented identity data. If you resolve identities, then you truly understand your customers and provide greater experiences.

SkyPoint’s ML-powered identity resolution provides a single source of identity. It connects all data to create a unique profile with a persistent universal identifier (SkyPointID) that can be used across applications for connected and consistent experiences, fraud detection, and compliance.

Identity Resolution at Scale

Resolve identities at scale and enjoy the most precise view of every customer.

Fraud and Risk Monitoring

Detect and prevent fraud through visible data patterns that identify real customers and flag fake profiles. 

Universal Identifier

Map, match, deduplicate, merge, and optimize customer identity markers to create a universal identifier (SkyPointID).

Visualize by Group

Leverage AI/ML to map identities to households, companies, or groups—automatically remove previous associations.

Quality and Consistency

Use a persistent identifier (SkyPointID) to ensure data quality and consistent operations across downstream applications.

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