SkyPoint Resolve

Don’t let fragmented customer data disrupt a great customer experience. SkyPoint Resolve with persistent SkyPointID provides a quick and easy way to deduplicate and manage customer identities for connected customer journeys. 

Machine Learning Based Identity Resolution

The single most important step you can take to ensure highly individualized experiences is accurately recognizing your customers, both known and anonymous, across all points of interaction. Miss this and you’ll find it impossible to confidently execute campaigns that improve retention, increase sales, reduce CX friction, or maximize customer profitability.

Do you have a million customers or do you actually have 300,000 customers? You’re dealing with a lot of data unknowns with all of this incomplete, siloed information.

Powered by AI and ML, SkyPoint’s identity resolution software provides a complete and compliant customer 360 view. From automating data discovery to creating unique profiles, teams always work with accurate and actionable customer data.

Accurate and scalable identity resolution

We’ll say it: SkyPoint offers the industry’s most advanced identity resolution capabilities. So you can have the most precise view of every customer.

Discover Customer Identities

Use SkyPoint’s smart scanning capabilities to rapidly find identity data across disparate systems and applications.

Compliant Customer 360

Map, match, merge, deduplicate, and optimize customer identity markers to create the customer 360 profile.

No More Data Gaps or Inconsistencies

Locate and fix data gaps and inconsistencies – no more lacking or incomplete email addresses and other traditional identity keys.

Account and Household Graphs

Leverage AI and ML map identities to households, companies or groups. And when changes happen (and they always do), you can automatically remove previous associations.

Connected Identity For The Digital Age

SkyPoint Resolve connects all internal, external, and third-party data, bringing it all together to create one unique profile used across applications for connected and consistent experiences, fraud detection, and compliance.

Identity Resolution Resources