Identity Resolution​

Get to know your customers better with a compliant customer 360-degree view across data silos. SkyPoint Cloud’s identity resolution software unifies transactional, observational, and behavioral data from every system into a singular customer profile.

Unify Customer Data Through Identity Resolution​

To create a protected customer experience, you need unified customer data and PII. Powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), SkyPoint’s identity resolution software provides a compliant customer 360 view.

From automating data discovery to creating unique customer profiles, teams have accurate and comprehensive views of their customers going forward.

How Identity Resolution Software Works for Your Teams

Do you have a million customers? Or, do you actually have 300,000 customers? You’re dealing with a lot of data unknowns—lacking or incomplete email addresses, phone numbers, and other traditional identity keys—that can easily be resolved with identity resolution software.

SkyPoint uses smart scanning to identify personal data by connecting and scanning your organization’s data systems and applications. The AI/ML-powered system links personal data to the user’s identity and automatically builds relationships between PII data, user residencies, data sources, and data locations. Now your teams have a customer 360 view.

A Privacy-First Customer 360 View with SkyPoint

Create a protected customer experience, where you know your customers best. SkyPoint’s identity resolution software empowers your teams with a privacy-first customer 360 view.