Identity Resolution​​

SkyPoint’s identity resolution software unifies transactional, observational, and behavioral data from every system into a singular customer profile.

Unify Customer Data Through Identity Resolution​

Do you have a million customers or do you actually have 300,000 customers? You’re dealing with a lot of data unknowns with all of this incomplete, siloed information.

Powered by AI and ML, SkyPoint’s identity resolution software provides a complete and compliant customer 360 view. From automating data discovery to creating unique profiles, teams always work with accurate and actionable customer data.

Identity Resolution for Data Completeness

Break down silos by stitching disparate customer data together into a 360 view.

Find and Connect Customer Data

Use SkyPoint’s smart scanning capabilities to rapidly identify data across disparate systems and applications then connect all the dots.

Compliant Customer 360

Have trusted customer interactions by automatically syncing sensitive data and consumer preferences with their individual customer profile.

No More Gaps or Inconsistencies

Locate and fix data gaps and inconsistencies—no more lacking or incomplete email addresses and other traditional identity keys.

Build Data Relationships

Leverage AI and ML to link personal data to the user’s identity and build relationships between PII, user residencies, data sources and locations.

Create a Personalized and Trusted Experience

SkyPoint’s identity resolution software unifies customer data and PII and resolves data inconsistencies to give your team the upper hand.

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