Predictive Analytics and Activation

SkyPoint Cloud’s customer data platform allows you to quickly implement, measure, and improve personalization and outreach strategies through predictive analytics that uncover customer behaviors and opportunities.

Deliver Hyper-Targeted Marketing Strategies At Scale

A new era of marketing has arrived. Consumers are more in control of their experiences and brand expectations have never been higher. Customer analytics and insights are vital for delivering personalized marketing strategies.

Using AI, SkyPoint’s customer data platform (CDP) creates new dimensions for understanding and segmenting your customers into high-performing audiences. Our predictive models leverage unified customer data to pinpoint previously unseen opportunities for engagement across increasingly complex purchasing paths.

SkyPoint Data Lakehouse Supports a Scalable Data Strategy

Personalization continues to be a top goal for marketers. Yet, the lack of customer insights and intelligence is slowing the shift to customer-centric business models. Our analytics and insights engine, SkyPoint Data Lakehouse, is built on leading-edge technology that meets your ever-changing data needs.

Make your customer data work for you (not against you) by leveraging our zero-copy data lakehouse. Already built on top of connected high-quality customer data, you glean valuable business intelligence and predictive analytics to simultaneously advance and simplify your marketing efforts.

Use SkyPoint’s CDP to Interact with Customers Intelligently

SkyPoint’s customer data platform empowers you with the data-driven insights you need to deliver personalized customer experiences across channels, campaigns, and programs.