Privacy Compliance

To be a truly customer-centric brand, you need to stay current with data privacy laws and execute programs responsibly. Use privacy compliance software like SkyPoint Cloud to support your initiatives and exceed consumer expectations.

SkyPoint Privacy Center Portal

Show Up for Your Customers A Data Privacy Platform

The data privacy legislation list is growing longer every year. From opt-out models like CCPA and CPRA to opt-in models like GDPR, similar privacy laws are cropping up across the United States and around the world, granting consumers significant data privacy rights and control over their personal information.

Privacy is about how your teams show up every day to build consumer trust. SkyPoint’s data privacy platform makes it easier to follow compliance best practices by making your consumer data and preferences accessible, centralized, and actionable.

Privacy Compliance with SkyPoint Cloud

The SkyPoint Privacy Center is one place where all unique consumer privacy and consent preferences are stored and accessed. From this brand-customized portal, customers self-manage their preferences and SkyPoint synchronizes these selections across systems and departments to automate the entire process.

SkyPoint helps your teams meet privacy compliance requirements through AI-driven PII data discovery, DSR automation, real-time data maps, and a data privacy vault.

Invest in Your Brand by Investing in Data Privacy

Privacy compliance is an important investment for brand loyalty and growth. Go beyond simply checking the boxes by creating personalized, privacy-first customer experiences with SkyPoint.