Real-Time Data Map​

Collect and connect all of your real-time and historical data. SkyPoint Cloud’s data mapping software helps you easily manage and categorize sensitive data, including PII, according to their data processing and business purpose.

Adapt to Data Privacy with Real-Time Data Mapping ​

Your teams need to be agile, always in-tune with emerging policies and ready to take action. It’s easier to adapt to data privacy regulations when your teams use real-time data maps to get the full picture of your data and see how it is used across your entire data ecosystem.

How Data Mapping Software Works for Your Teams

Users have the right to know what categories of information are being collected about them—from what sources and for what business purpose. Your teams need to adapt to ever-changing regulations by streamlining the way you collect and connect data.

SkyPoint’s data mapping software brings together all of your transactional, observational, and behavioral data for consumers then connects the dots. Select any combination of real-time customer profile attributes to build your own segments, or expand on predictive behavioral segments by combining them with other attributes.

Power a Privacy-First Customer Experience with SkyPoint

Leveraging consumer data is a competitive advantage, but it’s also a big risk. With SkyPoint, data mapping in real-time helps your teams manage data wisely and become trusted partners for your customers.