Data De-Identification

Enterprises rely on SkyPoint platform to de-identify data, minimize risk and achieve regulatory compliance while freeing them to use data science to extract the maximum value from the sensitive personal data they collect, manage and use.

Skypoint Privacy Solutions Software Platform

Protect Your Customers

Synthetic data generated by SkyPoint is legally compliant according to the GDPR, CCPA and other legal frameworks. By design, it mathematically guarantees protection against the re-identification of real individuals and other privacy attacks.

Effectively anonymize your sensitive customer data with synthetic data generated by SkyPoint. Synthetic data preserves the statistical properties of your data without ever exposing a single individual. Statistical granularity and data structure is maximally preserved.

Synthetic data is data generated by an algorithm, as opposed to original data which is based on real people’s information.  It is important to note that the term “synthetic data” is a collective term and by no means does all synthetic data have the same properties. The general idea is that synthetic data consists of new data points and is not simply a modification of an existing data set.

Privacy Compliant Data Exploration and Collaboration

SkyPoint generates new synthetic data consisting of new data points while reflecting the real data in its structure and statistical properties. Synthetic data generated by SkyPoint can be used just like real data, but in a legally compliant manner.

When using synthetic data generated by SkyPoint, companies do not have to worry about re-identification of a real person. Using synthetic data creates trust for the partners as well as the customers. SkyPoint accelerates the access to data without complex compliance processes.

Privacy-preserving synthetic data generated by SkyPoint has the following properties:

  • Mirrors the statistical properties of the original data
  • Preserves the original data structure
  • Does not rely on 1:1 mappings and protects from linkage attacks
  • Preserves individual’s privacy

Discover Data Insights with Privacy-Preserving Data Anonymization

Anonymous data generated by SkyPoint can be used for customer insights, product development, collaborative research, and much more.