SkyPoint for Ecommerce and Retail

SkyPoint helps you achieve personalization and increase loyalty by unlocking actionable insights that bring seamless shopping experiences across the customer lifecycle.

Act with Reliable Data and Empower the Consumer

91% of consumers are more likely to shop with brands that recognize, remember, and provide them with relevant offers and recommendations.* SkyPoint helps you make every interaction count.

SkyPoint’s privacy-first customer data platform syncs up scattered data, packages insights neatly into 360-degree profiles, and secures sensitive information. You gain endless data activation possibilities to improve personalization while respecting and protecting customer data.

*SOURCE: Accenture

Brenda Enyart

Owner and Founder, Sauvie Island Coffee

How SkyPoint Gives You Customer Loyalty Superpowers

Personalized experiences every time they shop with you.

Know Your Customer

Connect and clean all customer data, then view a high-quality customer 360 profile that’s primed for personalization efforts.

Personalized Outreach

Use hyper-targeted segmentation to differentiate messaging and offers between different groups (local vs. out-of-state customers).

Drive More Sales

Harness predictive insights to drive sales by increasing repeat purchases and basket sizes—and winning back churning customers.

Maintain Trust

Maintain consumer trust with easy-to-use data privacy solutions that differentiate your brand through privacy-first experiences.

Built for Ecommerce and Retail Brands That Get Loyalty

You know the importance of loyalty better than anyone. With SkyPoint, you’re more than ready to offer the tailored and trusted experiences that customers expect.