Healthcare CDP Case Study: NewAm Health

How NewAm Health Increased Conversions by 50% with SkyPoint CDP

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Case Study: NewAm Health Builds a Unified 360-Degree View of their Patients

Need: NewAm Health wanted to personalize the patient experience, but first they needed to build a complete and actionable view of their patients.

Business Case: They had invested in a CRM, CMS and marketing tools, but patient data was siloed across these applications. Even after attempting to unify this information with a traditional data warehouse approach, the marketing & analytics teams struggled to generate a unified patient view (Patient 360), and they were blocked by the slow and incomplete processes of generating patient lists and audiences.

Solution: NewAm Health brought in SkyPoint to centralize, unify, segment, and deliver patient data downstream. This enabled them to understand trends in patient behavior, fuel personalized marketing campaigns, outreach programs and streamline the patient experience to lower the cost of drugs and increase medication adherence.



Increase In Visits



Increase in Conversion



Increase in Revenue

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Using SkyPoint as our Customer Data Platform, we have been able to increase site visits up to 25%, increased conversions by 50% which has resulted in a 10-15% increase in baseline revenue from digital marketing campaigns.

Rick Randall
President, NewAM Health Inc. 

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