SkyPoint for Healthcare

SkyPoint helps you deliver on the promise of high-quality outcomes and patient empowerment through a connected view across the continuum of care.

Put Healthcare Consumers of the Future at the Center

80% who have had a virtual-care visit would choose to have another—particularly Gen Z, millennials, and those with chronic diseases.* SkyPoint helps you better serve healthcare consumers of the future.

SkyPoint’s secure FHIR-enabled healthcare data platform unifies data into a longitudinal patient record and empowers patients and providers to leverage data for better clinical outcomes. You gain data-driven capabilities that increase satisfaction and results across the care continuum.

*SOURCE: Deloitte

How SkyPoint Propels You Into the Future of Care

A new outlook for patients and providers who expect more.

Unify Patient Records

Use ML-based identity resolution to create unified, accurate patient records and see a complete picture of the patient journey.

Gain a Patient 360 View

Use chronological insights to understand patient interactions with your health system and how to build the best care plan.

Increase Accessibility

Meet interoperability requirements by giving patients more control and securing information sharing between providers and payers.

Optimize Care

Optimize the patient journey through increased interoperability, data transparency, and care coordination.

Built for Healthcare Organizations That Choose Empowerment

Healthcare is ushering in a new age of empowerment for patients and providers. With SkyPoint, you’re prepared to serve healthcare consumers of the future and recommit to your care mission.