SkyPoint for Healthcare and Life Sciences

The fragmented nature of your industry means you need a healthcare CDP that puts your patients and customers at the center of the experience. SkyPoint Cloud empowers your teams to deliver superior care and engagement.

A Healthcare CDP That Stitches Systems Together

The demands of the healthcare and life sciences industries are never the same from day-to-day. Your teams need to respond quickly and accurately to changing regulations while providing personalized experiences to customers and patients.

With SkyPoint’s healthcare data platform, your organization increases effectiveness by stitching together disparate systems and information to gain a complete view of your patient and customers—and continually build personalization and trust.

Scott Reid

Founder, CareEthos

How SkyPoint Helps You Succeed in Your Industry​

The majority of consumers expect brands to safeguard their data—in your industry, that expectation is significantly higher. To unify people and processes under the umbrella of privacy and compliance, an end-to-end healthcare data platform is a critical piece.

From one location, SkyPoint helps you build a cohesive data infrastructure, secure sensitive PII, and better understand customer behaviors and unique healthcare needs. With SkyPoint’s patient 360 view, you gain insights into customer interactions to help them navigate the healthcare ecosystem while protecting their privacy and most sensitive personal information.

Built for Healthcare Organizations​

SkyPoint was built by leaders in the healthcare industry who saw an opportunity to bring people and data together. Get ready for increased connectivity and effectiveness.