CMS Compliance

SkyPoint Cloud’s FHIR-enabled healthcare data platform empowers payers and value-based care organizations to easily meet CMS guidelines while staying focused on delivering the care and access your members and patients expect.

An Integrated Analytics Platform for CMS Compliance

The CMS Interoperability and Patient Access Final Rule will finally change the status quo by giving patients access and control over their data, unlocking data hidden away in disconnected systems. Mandates for payers and value-based providers will become enforceable by CMS on July 1, 2021.

SkyPoint helps you achieve CMS compliance by ingesting, standardizing, and unifying data across the healthcare continuum—including payer, clinical, and claims systems.

CMS Requirement SkyPoint Solution
Patient/Member Access and ConsentPatients and members easily access and securely share data via authentication and consent management services—all in one place.
Payer to Payer Secure Data ExchangeConnect Payer source systems and data warehouses to make data actionable, leveraging a standard FHIR-based schema.
Federal to State Secure Data ExchangeCreate your own health information exchange via FHIR-based APIs to share data securely with federal and state entities.
Provider DirectoryUnify and share provider data into a Provider 360 view, including name, contact information, and speciality.
SkyPoint Cloud Healthcare Data Platform ​

Go Beyond CMS Compliance with Greater Data Access

SkyPoint’s healthcare data platform allows you to effectively and securely share healthcare-related data to accelerate decision-making, optimize third-party workflows, and connect teams both in and out of care facilities. Using AI, machine learning, and other applications, SkyPoint aligns with clinical and patient data-protected industry standards, such as FHIR.

By having all data in a single and secure location, SkyPoint empowers members to share information with robust consent management capabilities and automate third-party application workflows. Thrive in the next era of healthcare data transparency and interoperability with SkyPoint Cloud.

Reach CMS Compliance and Empower Your Patients

Use SkyPoint to meet data-sharing requirements and empower your patients to be true consumers and decision-makers in their healthcare journey.