Coordinated Care

SkyPoint Cloud’s FHIR-enabled healthcare data platform empowers data-driven clinical decision-making through the accessible and cooperative use of healthcare analytics and insights aimed at optimizing patient and provider experiences and quality outcomes.

Care Team Collaboration Powered by A Complete Patient 360

It takes a team of healthcare and caregiving professionals to truly transform the healthcare journey and deliver the quality outcomes and experiences patients deserve. Collaboration and coordination across the care team are the foundation of providing the best possible care.

SkyPoint’s healthcare data platform enables coordinated care delivery with a complete 360-degree view of the patient to better understand their unique needs. Organize patient activities and share information among all of the participants of the care team to support faster, data-driven clinical decisions and actions across teams and facilities.

Improve Patient Engagement Outcomes and Provider Satisfaction

SkyPoint’s healthcare data platform allows you to effectively share knowledge and insights in a single secure place to accelerate decision-making, optimize workflows, and connect teams both in and out of care facilities. Using AI, machine learning, and other applications, SkyPoint aligns with clinical and patient data-protected industry standards, such as FHIR.

Imagine using connected healthcare analytics to derive predictive insights related to risk, patient activation, and clinical delivery. Built using leading-edge technology, SkyPoint’s Delta Lakehouse makes interoperability and data-driven care coordination possible at scale so you see better results with patient engagement, clinical outcomes, and provider satisfaction.

SkyPoint Cloud Healthcare Data Platform ​

Unlock Data Transparency Across the Healthcare Continuum

Healthcare data has been locked away in silos for too long. SkyPoint empowers the access, exchange, integration, and cooperative use of healthcare data across the care continuum.