The Next Era of Medicare

SkyPoint Cloud’s healthcare data platform helps you deliver the best possible care for seniors by powering provider and patient engagement initiatives with data unification and advanced insights.

Tailor and Transform the Senior Patient Care Experience

Seniors are struggling to access quality care and valuable services offered through Medicare. Single-point solutions throughout the senior patient journey result in a fragmented experience, driving up costs and impacting outcomes. Delivering optimal care for Medicare beneficiaries requires new data-driven approaches.

SkyPoint’s patient 360 provides a unified chronological timeline across all patient and member data—regardless of the source. ​With our healthcare data platform, you will identify senior needs and anticipate behaviors then deliver personalized care plans and engagement recommendations. ​Your care navigators, doctors, and nurses now have actionable data to tailor and transform the senior patient experience.​

Unify Senior Patient Data From Hundreds of Sources

Data quality and data management services are built into SkyPoint. Our healthcare data platform natively ingests and unifies data from hundreds of sources, so you gain a complete patient view. This integrated senior care journey and personalized care model improves outcomes and performance in the biggest financial drivers of your organization. 

Define and build patient cohorts and stratify your population to develop clinical care models and utilization management programs. Automated workflows and alerts delivered to providers at the point of care will power your value-based arrangements. Leverage our native machine learning and predictive models or build your own to deliver the most relevant and actionable insights to providers and caregivers.

SkyPoint Cloud Healthcare Data Platform ​

Support Senior Patient Engagement Initiatives With SkyPoint

The healthcare landscape is evolving rapidly, as are the expectations for senior care. Leverage data and technology to anticipate senior patient needs and empower providers.​