Patient 360

SkyPoint Cloud’s healthcare data platform ingests, unifies, analyzes, and activates data across disparate systems to create a singular patient 360 view, putting patients at the center of all your patient engagement strategies and clinical activities.

Unify Disparate Data into a Comprehensive Patient 360 View

Connecting with patients has never been easier with the use of email, messaging, mobile applications, electronic medical records (EMRs), and new clinical delivery channels—such as telehealth and chat. However, along with this ease of interaction, comes the problem of connecting data across these touchpoints to gain vital insights.

With SkyPoint’s native and custom data integrations you can easily ingest, unify, and analyze your healthcare data. Create the next phase of healthcare innovation by connecting your patient and member-related data into a single and secure patient 360 view.

Deliver Personalized Patient Experiences for Better Outcomes

Healthcare consumers have higher expectations for how they interact with clinical delivery and payer systems. To meet these new demands, healthcare organizations need deeper insights into how to interact and engage with their patients.

SkyPoint’s healthcare data platform creates a chronological timeline across all your patient and member data—regardless of the source. Use this timeline and custom metrics to gain insights into your patient or member interactions and connect with them personally to meet their individual healthcare needs.

SkyPoint Cloud Healthcare Data Platform ​

Actionable Insights for an Optimized Patient Engagement

SkyPoint provides advanced healthcare analytics that helps improve patient outcomes, deliver personalized experiences, and optimize your operational and clinical activities.