Patient Engagement

SkyPoint Cloud’s healthcare data platform combines patient activation with intervention strategies designed to increase patient engagement. Using patient 360, you meet data-sharing requirements and deliver multi-touchpoint experiences that empower patients and providers.

Elevated and Automated Patient Engagement Strategies

Patients who are actively involved in their health care have better outcomes and incur lower costs. However, modern health care is complex. Many practitioners struggle to share the information and guidance patients need to make the best decisions about their own care and treatment.

SkyPoint’s healthcare data platform automates outreach and brings personalized patient engagement strategies to life by making unified patient data accessible during multi-channel interactions. Now you have the power and the insights to meet patients where they are most likely to engage while enabling collaborative decision-making between patients and providers.

Untap the Value of Transparency with Direct Patient Data Access

You need to safely and securely share information and insights with patients, providers, or payers. Leverage SkyPoint to make unified patient data accessible via mobile apps, EHRs, or practice management systems for a more seamless method of exchanging information—without the administrative burden.

SkyPoint enables you to meet requirements for patient access and interoperability by giving consumers control over sharing their health data. Give patients the information and insights they need to manage their own health and health care with clear and actionable information.

SkyPoint Cloud Healthcare Data Platform ​

Build Meaningful Relationships Between Patients and Providers

It’s time to elevate and automate patient engagement initiatives. With SkyPoint’s healthcare data platform, insightful and accessible data powers the entire patient journey.