Senior Care

SkyPoint Cloud helps you deliver the best possible care for seniors by strengthening provider and patient engagement initiatives with data unification and advanced insights.

Tailor and Transform Care for Senior Patients

Seniors are struggling to access quality care. Delivering optimal care for Medicare and Medicare Advantage beneficiaries requires new data-driven approaches.

To respond to changing member expectations and regulatory shifts, your organization needs a flexible and scalable data foundation. SkyPoint provides actionable and accessible data so you deliver more personalized care plans.

A Synchronized Senior Care Experience

Anticipate senior needs and empower providers with unified data.

Close Care Gaps

Close care gaps with point-of-care provider recommendations and capture supplemental data to identify risks and improve performance.

Achieve CMS Compliance

Leverage an FHIR-enabled platform with 200+ connectors to meet interoperability requirements for Provider Directory and Patient Access APIs.

Collaborative Senior Care

Ensure care coordination across teams and networks with unified and connected data that meets the complex needs of senior patients.

Address Social Determinants of Health

Incorporate SDoH into personalized care plans based on a complete patient 360 view so vulnerable populations receive the best care.

A Personalized Care Model That Improves Outcomes

SkyPoint unifies and automates data from hundreds of sources so you gain a patient 360 view and build an integrated senior care journey.

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