Senior Living

SkyPoint Cloud helps senior living operators better serve residents while improving their bottom line by ingesting and connecting financial, clinical, engagement, and operational data.

More Resident Satisfaction, More ROI​

Every day 10,000 people in the U.S. turn 65. Since the senior population is skyrocketing, senior living operators have an immense role to play in this rapidly-growing industry.

SkyPoint Cloud’s Modern Data Stack Platform allows you to securely and skillfully manage all your resident community operational data in one place so you can kickstart your path to data-driven decision-making. By leveraging analytics, you’ll increase resident satisfaction and overall revenue.

Evolve Into a Data-Driven Organization

The tools you need to streamline operations and provide better care for patients.

Increase Occupancy

Use a resident 360 integration with engagement tools and marketing automation to improve resident and family communication and increase resident retention.

Automate Compliance

Spend more time providing quality care by automating tasks, then increase CLV with personalized privacy and consent-based recommendations.

Reduce Staff Churn

By making accurate information quickly accessible, you’ll reduce the burden on your staff so they can focus on what matters most…your residents.

Accurate Billing

Never miss another reimbursement opportunity by ensuring billing accuracy with the most up-to-date information within reach.

Data From Anywhere

Get data from any source (i.e. Nurse Call, CRM, sales tools, EHR). With our open platform and the option to bring your own public cloud subscription, you will finally own your data.

Accessible Analytics

With high-quality data models accessible to your team, everyone can easily create more robust investor reports, KPI dashboards, and budgets. They can even use Excel!

Optimize Applications

Partner with SkyPoint CSG to customize tech capabilities through pro-code or low-code application development to efficiently run your communities.

Ad Campaign ROI

Make your ad spend more effective by using built-in marketing capabilities, like audience segmentation, to run personalized ads for your target audience.

Transform Senior Living with a Modern Data Stack Platform™

Be the innovation you wish to see in the senior living industry by using SkyPoint Cloud to unify data from hundreds of sources so you gain a resident 360 view and build an integrated senior care journey.

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