SkyPoint Cloud for Marketing and Sales Teams

Privacy and compliance are part of your brand too. SkyPoint Cloud’s CDP helps marketing and sales teams get the information they need to make the best decisions and build customer loyalty.

Skypoint Privacy Solutions Software Platform

Protect Your Reputation, Revenue, and Retention

Now that privacy is critical for the customer experience, your teams need to focus more energy on the way you see, connect, and use customer data every day. Compliance missteps will impact your reputation, revenue, and retention—all of the things you work so hard to build. It’s time to start understanding customers from a 360-degree view and consolidating data silos.

How SkyPoint Supports Marketing and Sales Teams

You want to do the right thing when it comes to customer data. SkyPoint keeps you in compliance by handling your PII (personally identifiable information) in an integrated solution.

SkyPoint provides a cohesive and accessible customer data platform, where teams take action with real-time customer data through 200+ pre-built connectors (like your CRM, analytics, email marketing, and marketing automation solutions.) The SkyPoint Data Vault takes all high-risk PII off the table, so everyone can focus on creating exceptional privacy-first customer experiences.

SkyPoint Privacy Center Portal

Made for Privacy-First Brand Leaders​

Differentiate your brand by treating privacy and compliance as part of your customer experience. With SkyPoint, you’ll have connected data that turns customers into advocates.