One-Click Checkout

Retailers use SkyPoint’s privacy-first, lightning-fast, one-click checkout to convert, retain, delight and protect more shoppers.

SkyPoint Single Click Checkout

1-click checkout to the entire web with integrated privacy controls.

E-commerce has been around for three decades, yet buying things online can still be a frustrating experience, particularly at the checkout step. Customers still have to create accounts and passwords, fill out long forms, remember their passwords, dig out physical credit cards to enter and then hope that the payment processes without a glitch. 

Customers abandon items in their carts for up to 80% of potential purchases, largely due to this rough and inconsistent experience.

With SkyPoint streamlining your checkout and improving your conversion rate, you’re free to focus on your core business. First-time shoppers can complete their purchase as a guest, while return shoppers can complete their purchase with single-click with integrated privacy controls.


Privacy, Orders, Track Packages - All In One Place

Checkout plugins may appear to be a quick and cheap way to try and get a short-term bump in conversions, but they’re not built to scale with your business. They generally come with limited branding options, and few integrations for shipping, payments and back office. Worse, they can also increase customer support and fraud-related costs.

SkyPoint offers a holistic solution: a platform-agnostic, fast single-click checkout experience, privacy controls and post-purchase features for shoppers, all while minimizing risk for you.

Enjoy the benefits of a fast checkout without compromising your brand, customer security and functionality that often comes with “one-trick” checkout plugins. SkyPoint creates a holistic buying experience, comes with a network of millions of existing shoppers and integrates with all major eCommerce platforms.

SkyPoint Single Click Checkout

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Get shoppers to the ‘buy’ button in record time with a checkout designed to convert — no passwords or long forms, just a flawless and private checkout across any device.