Patient Engagement​

Our Modern Data Stack Platform supports personalized patient engagement strategies by making unified data accessible during multi-channel interactions.

Put Patients at the Center of All Your Clinical Activities

Today’s patients have higher expectations. They want seamless interactions, more control over healthcare data, and active participation throughout their care journey.

By connecting data into a single and secure patient 360 view, SkyPoint Cloud’s Modern Data Stack Platform helps you meet patients where they are most likely to engage while enabling collaborative decision-making between patients, providers, and payers.

Elevate and Automate Patient Engagement

Insightful and accessible data that powers the entire patient journey.

Connected Across Touchpoints

Gain vital insights with consolidated data from any clinical delivery channel, including telehealth, chat, email, mobile, and EMRs.

Improve Personalization

Create a chronological timeline across data sources to analyze patient or member interactions then accommodate individual needs.

Interoperability and Patient Access

Meet interoperability requirements, giving patients more data control while improving secure information sharing between providers and payers.

Optimized Care Journey

Access unified data from mobile apps, EHRs, or practice management systems and automate outreach for seamless interactions.

Build a Collaborative and Personalized Care Experience

SkyPoint Cloud provides advanced healthcare analytics that helps improve patient outcomes, deliver personalized experiences, and optimize your operational and clinical activities.

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