SkyPoint for Privacy and Compliance Teams

Advance and protect the business by making consent an organizational priority. SkyPoint’s data privacy platform provides one location for sensitive data so everyone stays customer-focused and compliant.

Skypoint Privacy Solutions Software Platform

Make a Positive Impact with Your Teams and Customers

Your world revolves around risk mitigation—your goal is making privacy compliance a priority across organizational programs. Since you own privacy management, it’s up to you to help other teams stay on top of these complex processes. Together, you will become a privacy-first brand that engages with consumers in a meaningful way.

How SkyPoint Supports Privacy and Compliance Teams

As the sensitive data gatekeeper, the pressure is real. SkyPoint lends support by managing, securing, and tokenizing PII while making it accessible to need-to-know team members.

SkyPoint offers auditability and traceability so you have all of the information you need to understand risk profiles as they relate to consumer data and PII. Your customers enjoy ease and transparency through the customizable SkyPoint Privacy Center. From DSR automation to identity resolution, all systems with PII are clean and connected so everyone saves time and energy.

SkyPoint Privacy Center Portal

Made for Privacy and Compliance Champions​

Everyone impacts privacy and compliance…you’re here to make a positive impact. With the SkyPoint team supporting your cause, you’ll skillfully navigate high-risk areas of the business.