Real Estate CDP Case Study: Millikan Coworking

Millikan, a Coworking Real Estate Company, Uses SkyPoint to Drive 50% Sales Lift From Marketing Campaigns

Customer Data Platform (CDP) Pricing

Case Study: Millikan Covers Cost of SkyPoint Customer Data Platform with a Single Campaign

Problem: Millikan wanted to consolidate data from multiple touchpoints, so it could deliver more specific and authentic communications to their prospects and customers.

Solution: After unifying the company’s data from many sources, a joint working team developed a re-engagement campaign. First, targets were divided into High Value (made a purchase within the last 12 months) and Low Value audiences (non-purchasers). Second, High and Low Value audiences were sub-divided and sent two different offers to A/B test, making 4 sub-audiences total. Additionally, a test-and-roll subject line experiment was conducted to maximize results. Then, the SkyPoint platform automated sending out the appropriate campaign to each of the audiences. Results and return were calculated within the SkyPoint CDP using Metrics feature and this single campaign's value covered the annual cost of the platform.



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Using SkyPoint as our Customer Data Platform, we have been able to increase site visits up to 25%, increased conversions by 50% which has resulted in a 10-15% increase in baseline revenue from digital marketing campaigns.

Rick Randall
President, NewAM Health Inc. 

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