Sensitive Data Vault

Protecting customer privacy is at the core of every exceptional experience. SkyPoint data privacy vault makes it easy to securely manage, store, and use any kind of personally identifiable information, so you always go the extra mile with privacy and compliance.

Homomorphic Encryption

SkyPoint offers companies the ability to store sensitive data (customer, payments and healthcare etc.) in a zero-trust repository, or vault, that is accessible via an API or SQL. We use several privacy-preserving mechanisms such as homomorphic encryption and data de-identification to keep any type of sensitive data secure.

Customer data is paramount to delivering the personalized experiences your customers know and love. To do the right thing with personally identifiable information (PII), you need a privacy preservation engine to preserve privacy for your sensitive data.

Through the SkyPoint data privacy vault, you safely and efficiently store and offload sensitive data from your infrastructure while maintaining the insights you need to grow the business.

Easy to use via APIs or SQL

The SkyPoint data privacy vault is a single place for safeguarding sensitive information from your entire customer database. In the data privacy vault, you control privileged access to sensitive customer data by role and purpose to ensure customer data is safe and protected.

SkyPoint offers a compliant customer 360 view with AI-powered identity resolution and real-time data maps. Combined with the data privacy vault, your teams work with a comprehensive customer data platform and your customers reap the benefits of working with a trusted brand.

Use SkyPoint to Stay Compliant and Customer-Centric

Privacy is still a new space for brands. When you use SkyPoint, you let technology automate critical tasks that keep you focused on the lifeblood of your organization…customer data.