Healthcare Customer Data Management

Power patient engagement with unified data and actionable insights

SkyPoint Healthcare Data Management (HDM)

Master and enhance your healthcare data to drive smarter acquisition, engagement and retention.

  • Healthcare CDP for master data management.

    Master Data Management

    By mastering data across disparate systems, you gain a 360-degree view of consumers, patients, and providers, with actionable intelligence to guide decisions that ease patient access, optimize the payer mix, drive high-value service line growth, and extend patient lifetime value.

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    Consumer 360

    Collect, store and activate 360 degree profiles of every consumer - patients and prospects. Use this single customer view to improve multi-channel communications and customer engagement. Power your consumer engagement with a unified, single source of truth and actionable insights with becoming healthcare CDP. 

  • Integration


    Compared to clinical environments, marketing  applications and tools are always changing. Your teams needs the flexibility to choose and connect any best-of-breed solution, instantly. We offer pre-built connectors, APIs, to facilitate easy integration and real-time data sharing with any data source including CRM, CMS, and marketing automation platforms, in addition to EHR, Claims and enterprise systems to help you collect and interpret all your prospect and patient data.

  • CDP Intelligent Actions

    Intelligent Actions

    Use all your customer data to personalize multi-channel experiences and respond to customer activity immediately. Machine learning, predictive analytics and propensity models help you easily understand how consumer demographics, real-time behaviors, and social determinants of health impact medical need, likelihood to respond, preferred channel, and more.

  • CDP Predictive Segmentation

    Predictive Segmentation

    Quickly build segments that never would have been possible before due to siloed customer data scattered across systems. SkyPoint computes predictive scores for your patients and prospects based on their behavior. You can segment users based on who is more likely to engage, or churn among others.

  • CDP Compliance

    Privacy Compliance

    Treat all data, including that collected online via landing pages or web forms as Protected Health Information (PHI). Our platform collects, stores, and transmits all PHI with the rigorous security protocols expected by consumers and required by law. Capture and synchronize individual consent across your ecosystem to ensure compliance with global privacy regulations like GDPR and CCPA.

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