Protecting Your Customer Data

Tools, infrastructure, and practices to be confident your data is protected by the most stringent requirements

Data Security and Privacy Tools

SkyPoint provides a wide array of tools, product features, and complementary services to ensure customer privacy and a secure data foundation

  • Integration

    One Click Delete

    A CDP gives this opportunity by simply making it easy for businesses to hit the delete profile feature that could trigger and automate cascading delete to the CDP profile of the customer and the source systems.

  • support

    Audit Disclosure Requests

    Both GDPR and CCPA have provisions that grant consumers the right to ask for the information a company is storing about them. Without a CDP, the administrative time required to gather all the customer data stored across multiple systems is significant and the chance of missing something is high.

  • CDP Compliance

    Identity Resolution

    We are existing in a more privacy-focused world, relying on the compunding of first-party consumer data with third-party sources is problematic, as it can potentially violate privacy laws. CDPs can perform identity resolution by using first-party data only, thereby side-stepping potentially difficult privacy issues of using a third-party.

  • marketing

    Cross Channel Preferences

    By consolidating customer credentials across data sources to create a unified profile including contact preferences, assuring that customers who have opted-out for certain communications, never appear in lists that would have unless targeted them.

Regulations and Standards

SkyPoint has vast experience partnering with clients to assist in privacy compliance efforts for various organizations of industry regulations.

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    Health Information

    SkyPoint offers a single-tenant, private cloud hosting solution with data secured to HIPAA norms but not meant to be a storehouse of Health Records.

  • PCI-Ssuqre

    Payment Card Industry

    SkyPoint offers a single-tenant, private cloud hosting solution with data acquired to PCI criteria but not intended to be a repository of Cardholder data.

  • CSA-Square-2

    Cloud Security Alliance

    SkyPoint associates with customers on Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) compliance requires leveraging the protected AWS infrastructure.

  • ccpa-75×65

    California Consumer Privacy Act

    From January 1, 2020, CCPA controls personal information accumulation and data usage by businesses. SkyPoint is actively observing developments and is committed to addressing CCPA compliance.

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    General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR)

    As a GDPR-compliant data managing company supplying data to your marketing technology ecosystem, our customer data core is an ideal place to maintain your 1st party data and consent for GDPR.

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