SkyPoint for Sports, Media, and Entertainment

From ticketing and marketing to subscriptions and sponsorships, serving customers better than anyone else in your industry requires a cohesive customer data platform that puts privacy first. Meet SkyPoint Cloud.

Maintain Trust and Deliver Value with Broad Audiences​

Your audience is tens of thousands or millions—meaning you have a lot of PII to manage and protect. You may be a mid-sized organization, but you have to act like an enterprise.

SkyPoint’s CDP helps you meet specific privacy goals and fully understand customer needs. That way you can deliver value in unique ways while continually building and maintaining consumer trust.

How SkyPoint Helps You Lead Your Industry​

You’ve already identified privacy and compliance as a high-risk piece of your business. It’s also an opportunity for you to lead by example.

With the enterprise-level capabilities of SkyPoint’s data privacy platform, you eliminate time-consuming manual tasks with automation and give your fans and audiences control over their data—building trust, along with more engaging audience experiences. SkyPoint keeps you current with laws and regulations and turns siloed data into game-changing customer experiences.

Built for Sports, Media, and Entertainment Companies

Instead of dealing with privacy and compliance, it’s time to dominate your industry as a privacy-first brand. SkyPoint’s CDP offers data in one easily accessible place, so you achieve results.