Microsoft Power BI

Empower analysts and business users with modern data infrastructure and self-service capabilities.

Self-Serve Your End-to-End Analytics Needs

Power BI is more than a data visualization tool. It’s a full-suite business intelligence platform with data source connection and data modeling capabilities. We layer in artificial intelligence and robust data security features, allowing business users to self-serve all analytics needs from end to end.

Microsoft Power BI is a single platform where business and IT folks share the same language to achieve administration and data governance, so you no longer have to wrangle with a mosaic of BI tools that don’t play nice with each other.

Our Power BI Capabilities

Put the best data into people’s hands and build a stronger data culture.

Complex Data Modeling

​We link various data tables in your Power BI reports and help you connect the dots.

Artificial Intelligence

We implement pre-trained machine learning models to enhance data analytics and preparation.

Training and Mentoring

We help your team get the most out of Power BI and increase adoption across the organization.

Data Governance

We implement administration and governance best practices to promote trust in data.

Automated Reporting

We help you save time by automating and streamlining reports to enable faster data-driven decision-making.

Seamless Migration

We take stock of your business intelligence tools and consolidate everything in Power BI.

Embedded BI

We embed a Power BI dashboard in your product or website to share or monetize data insights.

Digital Transformation

We guide your team to leverage data-driven insights to support business transformation.

Stand Out By Using Data to Strengthen Your Organization

With SkyPoint’s Cloud Solutions Group as your dedicated team of experts, you have the best support to turn business intelligence and insights into a competitive advantage.