Use Cases

SkyPoint Cloud helps data-driven organizations truly modernize through our all-in-one Modern Data Stack Platform. 

benefits of healthcare data platform

CMS Compliance

SkyPoint’s FHIR-enabled platform empowers interoperability and data-driven care coordination through the cooperative use of analytics and insights.

Customer 360

SkyPoint Cloud’s customer data platform is a single secure location for leveraging quality data to build effective programs and exceptional experiences.

Data Privacy

Data Privacy Our Modern Data Stack Platform is an all-in-one solution for building exceptional patient and customer experiences centered around current privacy legislation and compliance best practices. Grow the Business

Healthcare Data

SkyPoint Healthcare Data Platform (HDP) makes it possible to unify and share healthcare data without sharing the native applications – FHIR-native and patient-centric source of truth.

empowering patients

Patient Engagement

SkyPoint’s healthcare data platform supports personalized patient engagement strategies by making unified data accessible during multi-channel interactions.

senior living data

Senior Living

SkyPoint Cloud helps you elevate senior care by strengthening engagement initiatives and closing care gaps through data unification and advanced insights.

No More Silos, No More IT Strain

Our Modern Data Stack Platform delivers a seamless way to load data from multiple sources and gain meaningful insights.