Managed Business Intelligence

Our Modern Data Stack Platform offers both the tools and guidance to transform vast amounts of data into a competitive advantage.

SkyPoint Cloud Data Lakehouse, build on Databricks

The Right Setup and Support for Business Success

To compete in today’s business landscape, organizations in every industry must be savvy with data. Making quick, data-informed decisions is a key driver of business success. You can capitalize on business intelligence with the right setup and support.

SkyPoint Cloud helps you identify valuable data opportunities, build robust BI tools, and implement processes and infrastructure to promote data cleanliness and governance. With our Modern Data Stack Platform, you can seamlessly turn data into insights and insights into actions to drive more impactful decision-making.

How Can We Help With Your Business Intelligence Challenges?

Today you have a ton of data that is working against you rather than working for you. We’re excited to show you a better way with business intelligence.

Having unique tools for specific use cases is not uncommon—in fact, it’s usually required to get the job done right. Unfortunately, this growing laundry list of tools and systems (aka “data stack”) means you’ve got priceless data piling up in separate silos everywhere.

Implement a centralized data repository that integrates with all touchpoints to unify data from multiple sources and create a single source of truth.

Data repository features:

Dirty data hinders the adoption of BI insights and solutions. Establish a data governance policy and use automation tools to support data cleanliness and integrity.

Data governance features:

You don’t need to have all of these high-cost internal resources around all the time. Instead, you can find creative ways to access advanced-level skills, services, and solutions. An intuitive, self-service BI tool enables business users with no technical skills to build dashboards, visualize data, and turn insights into actions.

Whenever you do decide that you need data scientists and developers, SkyPoint Cloud is ready to jump in to support your team.

Self-service BI solutions:

Data silos lead to conflicting and inaccurate analytics, which does more harm than good when you’re trying to leverage data to advance the business. You need to unify data from multiple sources and create a centralized single source of truth.

Data unification features:

Your BI solution is only as effective as your team’s ability to use it. It’s time to focus on building a data-driven culture, providing ongoing training, and implementing an easy-to-use data platform that drives adoption.

Our Modern Data Stack Platform offers both the support and the technology to help you get the most out of your existing BI solutions. Bonus: Since SkyPoint Cloud has 200+ integrations, you’ll get more value from your other applications too.

BI adoption features:

Become a More Efficient Data-Driven Organization

Ready to get the most value from your data? SkyPoint Cloud connects unified data with the most popular tools so you can safely automate critical tasks and accelerate innovation.