Marketing Technology

Our Modern Data Stack Platform builds a solid foundation for omnichannel marketing personalization to power your favorite MarTech tools.

High-Quality Data for a Stronger Marketing Strategy

Data-driven marketing is all the rage. But marketers are being flooded by the 10,000 MarTech solutions currently on the market. Regardless of tech overload, brands must figure out how to consolidate multi-channel data to inform their strategy and create meaningful interactions.

SkyPoint Cloud’s Modern Data Stack Platform provides a central repository to gather data from multiple sources, create 360-degree customer profiles, and derive insights to inform marketing decisions. You can reload this high-quality data into any marketing platform through seamless integrations with the most popular tools and enjoy limitless flexibility.

How Can We Help With Your Marketing Technology Challenges?

The amount of consumer data doubles every two years, but 99% of the information is never used, analyzed, or turned into insights. We’re here to change that.

You need to “connect the dots” to deliver a unified and engaging experience. We help you create a centralized data repository as a single source of truth to inform customer interactions at every single touchpoint.

MarTech data centralization solutions:

You’re constantly striving to deliver the right message through the right channel at the right time to the right audience. To gain any real traction, you need to automate and streamline those mundane processes that are stifling marketing creativity. Connect disconnected data sources, build smarter workflows, and segment audiences to better align with marketing initiatives.

MarTech automation features:

Google is phasing out third-party cookies in 2023. But, don’t panic. This is a golden opportunity to step up your marketing game with first-party data.

Get your first-party data to work harder for you by collecting data from multiple sources and creating a 360 customer view to provide real-time insights. By understanding how your target audience behaves across different channels, you’ll be able to devise new creative ways to reach your audience using first-party data.

First-party data features:

Data-driven marketing is the way of the future—but you’re a marketer, not a data scientist. SkyPoint Cloud’s AI capabilities and intuitive interface will turn you into a data-savvy marketer in no time. You don’t have to rely on your IT or data team to get the insights you need to move your marketing strategy forward.

MarTech data science features:

Your MarTech stack is only as good as the customer data you feed into it. Our Modern Data Stack Platform provides the critical input you need to make your favorite tools work harder for you, creating time and space to focus on creative solutions that your customers expect.

MarTech optimization features:

Power Up Your Martech Stack with Accurate Data

Real-time customer data will drive the quality and impact of your marketing efforts. With SkyPoint Cloud, you’ll get more from your data and improve business results.