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In this week’s round-up of Power BI related articles: Mobile Reports, Analyzing Events in DAX, Power Pivot, Simple Filter with DAX Measures, and Reference Queries and Caching in Power BI and Power Query.

Why Mobile Reports and Power BI Reports aren’t a zero sum decision in SQL Server Reporting Services

There are two questions I’ve gotten for months. And with the first public preview of Power BI reports in SQL Server Reporting Services, they’ve grown louder in the past week or so.

“Will we be able to view Power BI reports hosted in SSRS in the Power BI mobile app?” (Yes, we’re planning to support that scenario)

“If so, why should I still use mobile reports?” (Sigh)


Analyzing events with a duration in DAX

This article analyzes how to efficiently work with events that lasts over time, such as the duration of an order considering the distance between order date and ship date.


Selected Products Share of Relevant Category

I am constantly amazed at how much you can achieve in Power Pivot with a relatively small amount of DAX knowledge. I was working with a client recently and he wanted me to produce a report to see the following:

  1. The sales of selected products (he would select the ones he wanted to see from a list)
  2. To see what the percentage those selected product sales made up of the relevant categories.
  3. If he selected more than 1 product from different product categories then the share of relevant categories should be across all categories the selected products came from (the aggregate).


Simple Filter in DAX Measures

Today’s post is about different ways to set a simple filter in DAX. Although there are plenty of writings covering these patterns, I still see DAX authors get confused on a regular basis. In this post, I am going to clarify the differences among the patterns. The examples are based on a pbix file created from the Adventure Works database that you can download from here. It helps if you have learned about filter context before but you should still follow the general idea outlined here without those knowledge.


Referenced Queries And Caching In Power BI And Power Query

Last week, Maxim Zelensky (whose blog is well worth checking out) tweeted about a very interesting answer he had received to a question he posted on the Power Query MSDN forum, on the subject of caching and referenced queries in Power Query.

I thought I would share Maxim’s question and the response from Ehren of the Power Query dev team here in full so it gets the wider visibility it deserves. I’m very grateful to Maxim for letting me share this and to Ehren for writing such a detailed response.


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