Data Privacy Platform

SkyPoint Cloud’s data privacy platform gets you compliant with current privacy legislation. With the customer self-service SkyPoint Privacy Center included, you’ll automate data privacy requests to save time, securely manage sensitive data to decrease risk, and utilize data to drive valuable business insights.

Privacy Compliance That’s Simple, Automated, and Scalable

To do the right thing with personally identifiable information (PII), you need an integrated data privacy platform that automates compliance and adheres to global privacy laws.

SkyPoint offers 200+ integrations so you connect systems and apps company-wide to automate data discovery and mapping. Through a branded consumer-facing Privacy Center, you will keep customers informed, automate and easily fulfill data privacy requests (i.e. Do Not Sell and Download My Data) with no involvement from your team.

Safely and Efficiently Store PII with the SkyPoint Data Vault

The SkyPoint Data Vault is a single place for safeguarding sensitive information gathered from your customers. In the data vault, you control privileged access to customer data by role and purpose to ensure data privacy.

Our zero-trust repository is accessible via an API or SQL. Using several privacy-preserving mechanisms—such as homomorphic encryption and data de-identification—the SkyPoint Data Vault allows you to safely store and offload sensitive data from your infrastructure efficiently while maintaining the insights you need to grow your business.

SkyPoint Data Privacy Platform Features:

Real-Time Data Map
Prioritize privacy and compliance at a glance with unified real-time data mapping.

DSR Automation
Tackle data subject requests (DSRs / DSARs) in less time with brilliant execution.

SkyPoint Privacy Center
Support internal and customer needs from a centralized self-service privacy portal.

Privacy Compliance
Synchronize consumer preferences and stay aligned with current privacy legislation.

SkyPoint Data Vault
Safely store and offload sensitive data efficiently while maintaining insights.

Use SkyPoint for Ongoing Privacy Compliance Success

Consumers need to feel confident that you are handling their privacy concerns. SkyPoint’s data privacy platform provides a single source of truth for ongoing success with privacy compliance.