Data Privacy Platform

SkyPoint Cloud is an all-in-one solution for building exceptional patient and customer experiences centered around current privacy legislation and compliance best practices.

Grow the Business with Trust at the Forefront

The majority of patients and consumers believe you are responsible for the safety of their information. To do the right thing with PII, you need to simplify increasingly complex processes. 

SkyPoint is an integrated data privacy platform that aligns with key legislation and automates compliance activities. From completing data subject requests in minutes to efficiently offloading sensitive data, streamline the way you maintain trust and still retain valuable insights to grow the business.

A Scalable Data Privacy Platform

Leverage data to grow, without compromising privacy.

Secure and Convenient

Store and offload sensitive data from your infrastructure with the SkyPoint Data Vault, a zero-trust repository accessible via an API or SQL.

Control and Customize

Safeguard PII while maintaining interoperability and accessibility when you designate data privileges by role and purpose in the Data Vault.

Self-Serve and Automate

Keep customers informed, automate and fulfill data privacy requests (i.e. Do Not Sell and Download My Data) with no team involvement.

Aligned and Dedicated

Align programs and campaigns with the growing list of privacy legislation, so you continually show up for patients and customers.

SkyPoint Data Privacy Platform FAQs

Explore these FAQs for more details about how SkyPoint’s data privacy platform helps your team achieve compliance and use data to your advantage.

SkyPoint’s platform is secure by design to protect personally identifiable information (PII). Key security measures include encryption of PII both in transit and at rest, continuous system monitoring and alerting, robust network security, and fine-grained user access controls.

As part of the data mapping process, SkyPoint enables authorized stakeholders to discover and label PII. The platform offers a variety of governance features including data authentication, PII redaction by user role, data mapping, and a zero-trust data vault so brands monitor and safeguard the flow of PII through their systems.

Mapping data flows is a compliance requirement for several consumer privacy regulations (including GDPR, CCPA, and CPRA)—and a prerequisite for effective consumer data governance at scale.

SkyPoint offers a real-time data map that helps data leaders manage, categorize, and segment sensitive data. With SkyPoint, teams spend less time manually reverse-engineering the flow of data through their systems and more time responsibly using data to improve customer and patient experiences.

A data vault is a single, consolidated environment for safeguarding sensitive information from your entire customer database. In the data vault, you control privileged access to sensitive customer data by role and purpose to ensure customer data is safe and protected.

Data vaults are a critical piece of security infrastructure for fast-moving brands. A data vault offers the ability to offload sensitive information (like PII) while still being able to glean critical insights from that information.

For example, an ecommerce brand might rely on a data vault to store any sensitive identifying user-level details. This would free up the burden (and risk) of managing and securing that data. Through de-identification and carefully governed access to the vault, this brand would still be able to learn about its customer base, segment, and personalize the customer experience.

SkyPoint offers a suite of tools to help brands maintain compliance with consumer data privacy regulations. These include:

  • Automated, real-time data and PII maps
  • Built-in flow offering support for the fulfillment of Data Subject Requests (DSRs) and Data Subject Access Requests (DSARs)
  • Adherence to Common Data Model (CDM) and Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) for easy data portability

With SkyPoint, teams save time, eliminate errors, and ensure compliance while taking care of customer requests in minutes.

SkyPoint offers granular user-based permissions designed to ensure appropriate levels of access and prevent unauthorized data exfiltration. Permission-based roles control different levels of access to define and govern core data flows, edit business logic, and access PII.

Automated Data Privacy and Management

Save time, decrease risk, and drive valuable business insights.

Safely store and offload sensitive data while maintaining key business insights using a zero-trust data vault.

Synchronize consumer preferences, stay current with data privacy laws, and execute programs responsibly.

Achieve Compliance and Leverage Valuable Insights

SkyPoint’s data privacy platform provides ongoing support with privacy compliance while helping you leverage high-quality data for business success.