Data Privacy Platform

SkyPoint Cloud is an all-in-one solution for building exceptional patient and customer experiences centered around current privacy legislation and compliance best practices.

Grow the Business with Trust at the Forefront

The majority of patients and consumers believe you are responsible for the safety of their information. To do the right thing with PII, you need to simplify increasingly complex processes. 

SkyPoint is an integrated data privacy platform that aligns with key legislation and automates compliance activities. From completing data subject requests in minutes to efficiently offloading sensitive data, streamline the way you maintain trust and still retain valuable insights to grow the business.

Automated Data Privacy and Management

Save time, decrease risk, and drive valuable business insights.

Safely store and offload sensitive data while maintaining key business insights using a zero-trust data vault.

Synchronize consumer preferences, stay current with data privacy laws, and execute programs responsibly.

Achieve Compliance and Leverage Valuable Insights

SkyPoint’s data privacy platform provides ongoing support with privacy compliance while helping you leverage high-quality data for business success.