SkyPoint Data Vault

The SkyPoint Data Vault lets you securely collect and update PII in a zero-trust vault so you have the power to fully protect and leverage customer data.

A Single Place to Safeguard Sensitive Customer Data

To drive business performance and deliver exceptional experiences, your brand needs to leverage consumer data but also safeguard that data.

The SkyPoint Data Vault is a single place for safeguarding sensitive information from your entire customer database. In the data vault, you control privileged access to sensitive customer data by role and purpose to ensure customer data is safe and protected.

A Data Vault for Truly Customer-Centric Brands

Because protecting data is at the core of exceptional customer experiences.

Zero Trust

Prevent data breaches by eliminating the concept of implicit trust through strict access control and data authentication.

Leading-Edge Data Security

Reduce unnecessary data risks using leading-edge data security solutions, like de-identification and homomorphic encryption.

Maintain Marketing Insights

Safely store and remove PII from your infrastructure while maintaining the consumer insights you need to grow the business.

Build Consumer Trust

Help customers reap the benefits of working with a trusted brand by securely managing, updating, and offloading their data.

Stay Compliant and Customer-Centric with SkyPoint

When you use SkyPoint, technology safely automates critical tasks that keep you focused on the lifeblood of your organization…customer data.

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