SkyPoint Privacy Center

Prioritize the privacy experience across all programs from one consent management platform. The SkyPoint Privacy Center is a customizable self-service privacy portal that supports internal and customer needs.

A Centralized Consent Management Platform

The SkyPoint Privacy Center is a consent management platform that makes fulfilling privacy-related requests and consent preferences easier to manage and prioritize. From this centralized privacy control center, your teams facilitate privacy-first processes and programs to continually build customer trust.

How the SkyPoint Privacy Center Works for Your Teams

The SkyPoint Privacy Center helps you serve your customers and protect your business. With easy-to-understand data policies and self-serve options, you’ll avoid the dreaded deletion request altogether since customers know their information is safe and aligned with their consent preferences.

The SkyPoint Privacy Center centralizes all of your users’ privacy rights management and includes seamless integration into “My Account.” The next time your team needs data maps, DSR approvals, or audit-ready reports? Use My Privacy to automate and simplify even the most complex compliance needs across organizational programs.

A Great Privacy Experience is Achievable with SkyPoint

Ready to protect and respect PII? By capturing privacy and data consent preferences in the SkyPoint Privacy Center, you’ll easily understand how to use customer data on their terms.