GDPR Compliance

The most trusted brands create meaningful, long-term customer relationships. A GDPR consent management platform like SkyPoint supports your data privacy initiatives to exceed consumer expectations.

SkyPoint Privacy Center Portal

Execute Responsibly with GDPR Compliance Software

Meeting GDPR requirements means ensuring personal data is gathered legally and under strict conditions. Additionally, those who collect and manage PII are obliged to protect it from misuse and exploitation, as well as to respect the rights of data owners.

SkyPoint centralizes all consumer data and preferences, so your programs are always GDPR compliant.

GDPR Compliance with SkyPoint Cloud

GDPR is an opt-in model. Since privacy is unique to every customer, SkyPoint’s My Privacy Center supports their unique needs through a self-service customer portal. Here customers can download data, select consent preferences, or choose “do not sell” or “forget me.” Your teams stay on top of these preferences because SkyPoint keeps everything synced and accurate.

The real-time data map allows you to efficiently create reports and take actions that are necessary for consistently maintaining GDPR compliance.

Invest in Brand Loyalty and Growth with SkyPoint​

Privacy is an important investment for brand loyalty and growth. Go beyond simply checking GDPR compliance boxes by creating personalized, privacy-first customer experiences.