Healthcare Data Platform​

SkyPoint Cloud is a secure FHIR-enabled platform that unifies healthcare data into a single, longitudinal patient record for patient engagement and coordinated care initiatives.

Unified Patient Record for a Complete Patient Journey

We ingest, clean and standardize all healthcare data sources, including clinical, claims, labs, and others to integrate and bring them into a Common Data Model (CDM).

A comprehensive unified patient record is built using machine learning based patient matching identity resolution to provide enterprise master patient index (EMPI / SkyPointID) and complete timeline of patient journey. 

With a connected view of your patient and their touchpoints across the clinical delivery spectrum, you will deliver on the promise of cost-efficient, higher-quality outcomes and coordinated patient care experiences. 

Activate Unified Healthcare Data

Power the next generation of healthcare with digital health app technologies and services.

Patient Identity and Matching

With machine-learning based EMPI and identity resolution, you are able to easily create a complete picture of the patient identity across disparate sources.

Secure Data Distribution

Forget static rules and mappings – share clinical and non-clinical patient data without sharing the native applications, powered-by FHIR-native, patient-centric source of truth.

Healthcare Workflows

By using some of the most common workflows in the health journey via APIs, you can innovate on care team experiences and bring new solutions to market faster.

Cures Act Compliance

SkyPoint connects health and non-health information to provide a comprehensive understanding of any given patient to comply with Cures Act. 

SkyPoint Healthcare Data Platform FAQs

Explore these FAQs for more details about how SkyPoint’s healthcare data platform helps your team promote interoperability and improve outcomes.

Effective patient engagement hinges on understanding a patient’s current status and needs—and being able to reach out with a relevant intervention to improve health outcomes.

Through its patient 360, SkyPoint enables healthcare brands to build and access a clean, up-to-date, and comprehensive record for each patient.

For example, you can instantly identify which patients are due for a checkup in the next week or are at risk of non-compliance with a given course of treatment. Or, if you have identified a group of patients seeking nutritional guidance, you easily push that cohort to their email service platform and deliver a relevant message highlighting tips for healthy eating.

SkyPoint’s integrations with a variety of downstream systems (like data warehouses and email service providers) enable healthcare brands to take action on key segments to promote patient engagement.

The SkyPoint platform is built leveraging two data standards: Common Data Model and Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR).

These two open standards allow for the extensibility of your patient-related and clinical data, as well as provider directory requirements. Data is mapped to these standards and available through a FHIR-compliant export connector into custom and third-party applications.

With a patient 360 powered by SkyPoint, healthcare brands gain a comprehensive and compliant view into the identity, preferences, health status, and engagement of each patient.

The specific data points vary based on a brand’s data collection practices but typically include contact information and preferences, insurance policy data, treatment and patient engagement history, and information from digital health records.

Equipped with an accurate patient 360, healthcare brands are able to answer critical questions like:

  • Has overall patient engagement been improving over time? (If so, among which segments?)
  • What is the breakdown of my patient population (i.e. by age, geography, condition)?
  • Who are my most at-risk patient cohorts? How can I best reach them to promote engagement? (i.e. Medicare and Medicare Advantage patients)


Since SkyPoint is also a customer data platform, we’ve applied lessons learned through consumerism to how we’re approaching our healthcare data platform. Patient 360 is just like a customer 360 view—it delivers a longitudinal health record that collects and organizes key information in a chronological timeline.

Patient 360 gives additional data transparency, such as other providers the patient has seen along with those care outcomes. A provider might use these connected chronological insights to understand how a patient’s condition is evolving.

You can even use this clean high-quality data for more data science and advanced analytics, whether you are focused on predicting patient health outcomes or communicating more effectively based on patient preferences.

Absolutely. Fragmented, difficult-to-access, and inaccurate patient data is a major driver of burnout for healthcare provider stakeholders.

Technical teams expend valuable IT and engineering resources trying to create a single patient view, rather than focusing on core value delivery. Billing teams waste cycles contending with scattered and outdated records.

Patient engagement teams must manually centralize, dedupe, and munge massive amounts of data to promote data-driven outreach. And physicians spend time and energy trying to assemble clinical treatment plans without a full view of patient health.

SkyPoint furnishes the entire team with a single shared, comprehensive, and compliant view of each patient. The result is more time spent on core value delivery—and providers who are empowered to do their jobs.

Power the Next Generation of Healthcare Innovation

Deliver on the promise of cost-efficient, higher-quality outcomes and coordinated patient care experiences.

Achieve CMS compliance by ingesting, standardizing, and unifying data across the healthcare continuum.

Make unified patient data and insights accessible for seamless multi-channel interactions.

Leverage data and technology to anticipate senior patient needs and empower providers.​

Proactive and Personalized Patient Care​

SkyPoint’s healthcare data platform allows you to better leverage and secure data to guide patients through a collaborative healthcare journey.