Healthcare Data Platform

SkyPoint Cloud’s healthcare data platform supports your patient engagement initiatives and multi-touchpoint experiences. Compliant with HIPAA and current data privacy laws, our secure solution provides a common patient 360 view, access to a chronological care delivery timeline, and a complete care delivery picture.

SkyPoint Cloud Healthcare Data Platform ​

One Healthcare Data Platform for a Complete Patient Care View

The healthcare industry is rapidly experiencing digital transformation. Having even more patient data makes having a fully-compliant and scalable healthcare analytics solution even more essential.

SkyPoint Cloud is a robust healthcare data platform that is centered around the individual’s healthcare journey. All of your patient data will be accessible from a single secure location where you can perform automated workflows and view in-depth healthcare analytics at scale. Now you have a cohesive patient story to align and optimize patient engagement efforts.

Patient Engagement with Higher-Quality Outcomes

The SkyPoint healthcare data platform puts patients at the center of all that you do. With a connected view of your patient and their touchpoints across the clinical delivery spectrum, you will deliver on the promise of cost-efficient, higher-quality outcomes and coordinated patient care experiences.

Get ready to power the next generation of healthcare innovation with data-informed and insight-driven decisions related to clinical intervention. By leveraging SkyPoint’s leading-edge advanced healthcare analytics platform, you’re set up for an optimized patient journey.

SkyPoint Healthcare Data Platform Features:

Patient Engagement
Make unified patient data and insights accessible during multi-channel interactions.

Coordinated Care
Connect vital member and patient data to support interoperability and information-sharing.

CMS Compliance
Achieve CMS compliance by ingesting, standardizing, and unifying data across the healthcare continuum.

Patient 360
Bring more clarity to patient insights by unifying clinical and nonclinical touchpoints.

Leverage data and technology to anticipate senior patient needs and empower providers.​ 

Use SkyPoint for Proactive and Personalized Patient Care

Healthcare is rapidly changing and digitizing. SkyPoint’s healthcare data platform allows you to better leverage and secure data to guide patients through an optimized healthcare journey.