Unify and Scale Data for an Enhanced Medicare Advantage Plan

SkyPoint Cloud’s healthcare data platform helps you deliver greater quality and value to your Medicare Advantage Members with actionable insights that improve performance and outcomes.

Greater Value for Your Medicare Advantage Members​​

SkyPoint’s healthcare data platform empowers you to quickly adapt and adjust your approach to a rapidly changing Medicare landscape. Through a unified and scalable data foundation, your plan will have access to the insights it needs to respond to changing member expectations and regulatory shifts.

Whether it is leveraging new clinical delivery channels for care gap closures or responding to predictive utilization signals with new engagement programs, SkyPoint gives you the flexible data foundation you need to foster the critical relationship between the provider, member, and payor to guide the long-term success of your Medicare Advantage Plan.

Better Quality and Star Ratings

Close care gaps with point-of-care provider recommendations and capture supplemental data to improve performance.

Provider Engagement to Improve Risk Revenue

Partner with providers to deliver point-of-care insights regarding coding gaps and identify emerging risks.

Care Coordination Across Teams

Ensure your network is working together to prevent avoidable ER visits, root out waste with unnecessary tests, and prevent oversubscribing with utilization and cost predictive insights built off your own unified and connected data.

Achieve CMS Compliance

Leverage over 200+ pre-built connectors to seamlessly meet interoperability requirements for Provider Directory and Patient Access APIs, along with other data-sharing requirements. Improve automation with custom-built workflows off our FHIR standard data platform.

A Complete Patient 360 with Social Determinants of Health (SDoH)

Incorporate SDoH into personalized care plans based on a complete patient 360 of your entire population. Direct members to the appropriate resources for their unique needs and engage with them at the right time through the right channel to ensure a coordinated care experience.

Healthcare Data Resources

The Next Era of Medicare

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Deliver Better Outcomes at a Lower Cost with SkyPoint

SkyPoint empowers your organization with valuable insights that allow you to meet your quality, utilization, engagement, and compliance objectives.