SkyPoint Cloud Platform

Act on real-time customer data that’s compliant, accurate, and connected. Using 200+ pre-built connectors, SkyPoint Cloud is an AI-driven customer data platform that brings connectivity to all of your data, technology, experiences, and teams.

Customer Data Platform for Spas and Salons

A Customer Data Platform That Aligns with Your Needs

Now that privacy compliance is critical for the customer experience, your teams need to focus more energy on the way you see, connect, and use customer data. SkyPoint provides a cohesive and accessible customer data platform, where teams take action and stay compliant with real-time customer data.

SkyPoint’s CDP brings you customer 360 views, identity resolution, and a common data model (CDM). SkyPoint unifies customer data and privacy preferences across systems and apps, empowering your teams to create and deliver personalized and trusted customer experiences.

Instant ROI From a CDP That Aligns with Your Needs

Manually completing one DSR typically costs $1,700…and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. SkyPoint’s customer data platform provides instant ROI and aligns with your needs to maximize efficiency.

A Data Privacy Platform for Trust-Focused Brands

The majority of consumers believe brands are responsible for the safety of their data. Leveraging data is a competitive advantage, but being a privacy-first brand is a complete differentiator. SkyPoint is a data privacy platform that turns businesses into trusted brands.

SkyPoint offers privacy compliance automation and self-service capabilities with a branded consumer-facing privacy center for capturing privacy preferences and requests. The result? Improved team efficiency and increased consumer confidence.

A Healthcare Data Platform That Improves the Patient Experience

Healthcare is a vast industry with numerous systems operating in silos. The patient experience and clinical outcomes are greatly impacted by this disparate data. With SkyPoint’s healthcare data platform, you have the ability to guide patients through a proactive and personalized healthcare journey.

SkyPoint’s healthcare CDP lets you perform analytics, run automated workflows, and cultivate patient engagement so you can leverage highly sensitive healthcare data while keeping patient information secure and private.

Truly Game-Changing Privacy-First Customer Experiences

Today’s consumers and patients expect better experiences, where their personal data is secure and their brand interactions are satisfying. SkyPoint’s customer data platform delivers all of this and more by providing the data ecosystem you need to make this important shift.