Data Foundation

SkyPoint Cloud serves as your ultimate data foundation for gaining insights and value from data used in daily execution to advanced analytics used in complex decision-making.

The Value of a Strong Data Foundation

With a strong data foundation, your team efficiently collects data, maintains privacy compliance, delivers personalized experiences, and drives the business toward a collective vision.

To build this foundation, all data systems must be in sync so you have a single source of truth. SkyPoint’s Common Data Model (CDM) consolidates data from any source to help you standardize data definitions and insights, supporting your data-driven culture and organizational initiatives.

A Rock-Solid Data Foundation

Unlock data’s fullest potential through a single source of truth.

Protected and Controlled

Remove the risk of sensitive data while maintaining valuable business insights by collecting and storing PII within a secure data vault.

Clean and Accurate

Enjoy a standardized data set that is primed for predictive analytics, AI, and data science, so it’s easier to execute BI and engagement activities.

Accessible and Actionable

Make data more transparent and shareable through your teams’ preferred tools, since SkyPoint integrates with 200+ popular solutions.

Standardized and Extensible

Accelerate decision-making with improved data extensibility and interoperability, powered by a CDM and FHIR-enabled data platform.

A Single Source of Truth That Empowers Data-Driven Decisions

With SkyPoint Cloud serving as your data foundation, your organization has reliable and actionable data at the ready for everyday and long-term decisions.