SkyPoint for IT and Analytics Teams

Improve privacy-first experiences and data security by democratizing data. SkyPoint’s data privacy platform provides a secure and accessible database to keep all customer identity and information integrated.

Skypoint Privacy Solutions Software Platform

Optimize Data Privacy Processes to Empower Teams

If customers feel like their information is safe with your organization, they will keep coming back. You’re tasked with bringing in relevant and integrated solutions that increase data security and improve responses to privacy-related issues. What’s missing? Data reliability and efficiency. You need technology that optimizes these processes and empowers your teams.

How SkyPoint Supports IT and Analytics Teams

You’re all about facilitating technology that solves privacy concerns. SkyPoint helps you manage and automate large volumes of customer data by drawing all systems and reports together.

SkyPoint cultivates the ownership of data between the teams you work with and the customers you serve. Built on Microsoft Azure and Common Data Model—integrated with 200+ pre-built connectors—all customer data is stored in one secure location. Whether you’re automating DSRs or dealing with unexpected pivots, you’ll be ready with reliable and actionable data.

SkyPoint Privacy Center Portal

Made for Data and Technology Pros​

Privacy is a moving target—you need an integrated solution that scales with data growth and emerging policies. With SkyPoint, you’ll have greater data visibility, security, and accessibility.